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Critique: Fursuit Head Base planning


I'm planning out my fursuit head for my character Azula. I drew some sketches as well.

Here's Azula:

Sketch 1 of 3, showing the shape i'd like the suit head to have:

Sketch 2 of 3, showing where the fur is going:

And sketch 3 of 3, showing the foam pieces:


Is there anything that should be changed? For reference, I'd like the head to look as close as possible to the first picture of Azula as possible (The fully coloured image).

P.S. I'm sculpting the head on a balaclava.


aka Cutter Cat
I don't see any issues. The eyes are what is going to be the key element, though.


If you can lick it, it's probably safe
Any progress? Always interested in seeing these come together :)

IRT the original question I'd recommend a sketch or two with a reference human head under the line work to show how the final piece should sit when worn and show proportionally how large it is. This makes it a lot easier when you start cutting foam.

As keefur implied the eyes are what make any build difficult; you have to balance visibility with desired proportions and that can be a real struggle sometimes. One trick is to scale the head such that the eyes proportionally match your reference but also fit your face, hence the sketch with a human head suggestion :)