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Fursuit head build blog


The often grumpy but friendly fox
It's been a while since I've posted anything related to my fox fursuit head. Not much progress was made but progress none the less. RL getting in the way >_<. I need some critique, tell me what you guys think. ( I have no idea what I'm doing :p)
Redo 1.jpg redo 2.jpg Cheeks.jpg
( I replaced the muzzle with something more narrow and fox like)

(I added the lips last night)
Lips.jpg Lips 2 .jpg

(Still need to work on the ears)

Today- i added eyebrows before I left for work, sorry no photo, I will add it later)
IMG_0222.JPG (eyebrows)

(3d Eyes, need to be drawn and colored)



update: ears are being made:

Right ear.jpg

(lined the inside with wire)
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The often grumpy but friendly fox
I would first look up some tutorials, just give you an idea of what your looking for. Then look up tons of picture of the animal of your choice.


The often grumpy but friendly fox
Update(and the last one for a while, I'm taking a break from the FA forums for a little bit): Welp, I ended up having to redo the cheeks. Wasn't really satisfied how they turned out. The sound of tearing foam almost broke my heart :'(

But I'm not done yet. Trial and error is a bitch sometimes. So now I'm back down to....25% completion

Doink the dog

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I can help


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Doink the dog

I need a bitch
The shape is to my liking maybe sake them rounder its kinda flat looking if you look strait at it


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Doink the dog

I need a bitch
Why did you put so much more on? I know most of its coming off but i though it was fine other than the cheeks could stick out at the sides more


The often grumpy but friendly fox
I haven't glued anything on as of yet. The new cheeks are pinned on until i have a shape I'm satisfied with. Then I will glue on the new pieces. I know it looks like a lot of foam, I'm still very new at this. :p