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fursuit layout / setup ideas ??


New Member
hey !! so originally I was certain i was going to commission a suit --- but then I began watching some videos on how to make fursuit parts --- and know I think I'm going to make my own :) XD
tbh Im pretty nervous. im interested in a full out, digitigrade , likely really expensive suit with pretty much anything else that's expensive& difficult I'll bet (ughh I could not refuse all of those fancy features ️cx ) ... and well, I've never made a suit before.

to sound more like an idiot , the biggest project I've ever done on a sewing machine was a little purse :rolleyes:
so im really nervous. I want to at least make my first fursuit and not have it be a big waste of money ..

do any of ya'll more advanced fursuit crafters have any tips and tricks you'd like to drop by ? I need all the help I can get :p ^u^'

some things im looking for help with in particular ::
- air ventilation ideas / solutions
- digitigrade tips , what to avoid doing in order not to screw it up
- approximate total costs of such a suit just so Im prepared hehe ^^'
- do you use mannequin heads or not with head crafting
- best head materials

thanks so much :grin: I'm a total newb to this so please have some patience with me ^^'