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Fursuit making help?


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I know how to do everything else including the hat, I'm just not sure what I should do for the eyes and hair. Could I get a few suggestions?

For the eyes I was just thinking puting tight woven white buckram over where the eye sockets would be. (I don't really want to look out of the nose or mouth...)

And for the hair i was thinking about furring a flat 1in thick piece of foam shaped like the hair so that it look like way it looks flat in the picture

Could I get some thoughts?


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If you want the best vision I would encourage a black mesh utility fabric. Its clearer and helps with ventilation more. It's paintable as well and I believe having the back black helps reflect light more. (Some scientific stuff I forgot) You can use it for the whole eye or make a large circle to sandwich between two foamy pieces or if you have it to two opaque white plastic sheets. It limits your vision, but looks good especially for cartoony types.

As for the hair, my method anyway, Make like a few stuffer pieces. (Material scraps filled with cotton or smaller soft material scraps) It will help give you the height you need. If you want them round like on you ref, make small round pieces. Make sure to vary in size and arrange them how you want it to show, remember to think about it dimensionally so it's not like a mohawk (Unless you want that) and keep in mind the balance on the head. You can then hot glue or sew the fur onto the showing surfaces. Once the hair piece is done, I would double anchor it hand sewing the edges again.

Sorry for this being so lengthy. I really want to help you the best that I can because it was kinda hard to learn what works and what doesn't. They say there is no wrong way to build fursuits and parts...but there are definitely difficult ones, lol. Also keep in mind about the length of the fur. There's short and long, but also minky fur and velboa which are two different kinds of short piles. The longer ones I like to use for more hair like styles or if they want them more realistic. If you can find a minky that blends well with your fur I would definite get the minky for the face area.

Hope I didn't overwhelm you and I hope you have fun!!


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Oh! Careful not to use fleece because you can overheat easily in it. I think some places where it's always cold it could work. Definitely not if you live in like over 70 degree weather though. Ventilation, vision, and staying cool as possible are the three most important things to me when making anything costume or fursuit wise. Look for moisture wicking and antibacterial lining fabrics for anything that will touch the skin. Etsy is a gold mine, walmart can surprise you, amazon has things now material wise, remember not to hurry a project. Always have water handy for yourself if you work on it for long hours. Your health is important too.