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Fursuit partial


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hi! I’m new to the furry community, and I want to make my own partial so I’m not spending money on a full suit that’ll irritate my skin.
I hope you all can help and give tips!


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Hey there, for starters you are more likely to make a good looking first suit if you take the time to learn a lot beforehand, by watching videos for example.

Something I noticed in a lot of bad fursuit heads is that the maker barely gave the head cheeks and brow ridge, or made the eyes too close to one another.

Look up reference of the character you want to make, as well as references for the species of that character.


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Don't forget to look at all the tips and guides in the fursuit making subforum, and definitely consider buying a template to build your head around. Materials ARE expensive, but you get what you pay for as far as faux fur quality.

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I would also suggest getting cheep scraps of materials to practice with before taking the plunge with the expense materials.

Sparky and Sky have some useful stuff up on YouTube.

Sparky is also working on a tutorial series that will hopefully be coming out in 2019

www.youtube.com: Sparky !

www.youtube.com: Skyehigh Studios