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Fursuit Reference Sheet



Hello! I plan to get a fursuit soon very soon since a creator I'm watching will be opening in January. However, my reference sheet that I'm getting completed at the moment might not be suitable. Any makers or fursuit owners have input on if this artyle will be acceptable?

Example of how my ref could look: Artwork by e-Pon on DeviantArt

And if it's not suitable, does anyone know of artists that can do reference sheets for fursuits that are currently open and not too expensive ($50+ USD) for commissions?

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A teeny muffin
Not a maker or fursuit owner so take my words with a grain of salt.

Some of the more smaller and heavily detailed markings might be a challenge... or impossible for some makers. Or might not translate 100% well in fur. Art style seems fine for the most part. The slight turn with the body and head can be a slight issue when it comes to figuring how certain markings work.

Besides for that everything looks good. You have a interesting character.


Like smolmuffin said,it is quite complicated.You may have to simplify it to make a fursuit maker's life easier.