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Fursuit tail question


I am thinking of trying my hand at making some pre-made fursuit tails to sell to try and raise money to get a full fursuit or two made. My question is When makers are making tails, would it be easier to have a tail portal that zipped up so you can stuff with either a pillow styled stuffing, or regular polyfill and turn inside out for washing instead of adding a zipper in the middle of the tail?

Sort of rolling the tail rightside out as you are stuffing it, then filling it up? Or would it be easier to just add a zipper in the middle of it as most other tails are made?


The Foxy Goddess
You may want to come up with a variety or design vs just making one product.

Unless you make that one design quite well.

With respect to stuffed tails, I personally don't like those as it's not anatomically correct and doesn't produce the right kinesiological results in movement