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Fursuiting in the Snow


Sound Sculptor
So I've seen a couple videos on YouTube of people taking their fursuits out in the snow (case in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md5wLN-rG7A). This kind of confused me; I thought it would be a really bad idea to suit in the snow, as it'd soak your suit.

So, is fursuiting in the snow not as bad as fursuiting in the rain? Does your suit not get as wet or something? Or are these people just really good at getting dry?


Lazy Artist
After awhile your suit will get wet (depending on how wet the snow is and what you do in it). Most suits are perfectly fine getting wet (how else are you going to clean them?). The main reason people don't suit in the rain is because it's the head that you want to be careful with. Snow isn't going to soak the head like rain will.


Lazy Artist
Oh yeaaaaaaah! Just remembered this: