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Fursuits and Hearing Impairment


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Wondering if any fursuiters could give me some advice-
I really want to eventually get a suit made of my Dutch Angel Dragon, Loa, and my partner is really good at sewing and various craftwork and offered to make me a head to get started with. Can anyone give feedback on how much having a head on muffles your hearing? I'm hard-of-hearing and often have to rely on lipreading depending on the situation, and I'm concerned that wearing a head might eliminate my hearing completely. Alternately, does anyone who's built a head have any ideas about perhaps wiring up a microphone into the nose or mouth with earbuds running inside to act as hearing aids?


aka Cutter Cat
It reduces sound by about 40% to 50% in my experience. I do know fursuiters that are completely deaf, however, and they do fine. If you are worried about it, use a handler until you get used to wearing your suit. Good luck.:)


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65% hearing is enough to leave me mostly deaf. A headcold makes it nearly impossible to talk on the phone or follow a multi-person conversation, so that level of muffling will need a solution. Someone on another forum suggested cutting away as much foam as possible around my ears and having just a fur layer there.


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I'm not hard of hearing myself, I actually hear too well, but I'm experimenting with putting hearing holes in my first suit. Basically I've put holes in the head base where my human ears are, and I will cover them with mesh to preserve the shape.

Kellan Meig'h

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I think I would +1 on Ramona Rat's suggestion. Being hard of hearing myself, I can relate to this issue. I actually find myself lip-reading at times and it drives me bonkers when my doctor speaks so quietly, then turns his head while in the middle of a conversation. At that point, it's no idea what he's saying. Still trying to get the VA to provide hearing aids. F4-D Phantom II aircraft, Dash-60 motor/generators (GPU) and hearing don't mix.

Other than generic hearing aids, I'm not sure what else you could do.


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I do second the notion of having a handler to help you out if you are able. I also know of a really amazing fully death suiter who always does really well in suit, but I'm sure that's different because he's used to having no hearing. I think having someone to help out and make you feel safe would be important.