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Fursuits? Fursuits


Smudge and arrogant
1. I do still plan on finishing the Seuss series. Life blows though and I ran out of sketching supplies. I’m also broke as a joke right now because my dr decided to switch all my shit around. Luckily that’s a one time dealio and it shouldn’t happen again.

2. I also still have feelers out for visual art commissions - if I haven’t messaged you, I probably have seen your message and will respond back, but I’m garbage with remembering to go back and do just that. All in due time, bear with me (ha puns)

I kinda want one tbh. Looking for a partial at least for my bear, pretty simple grizzly design. I don’t care about the price as much as I care about flexibility with payments. Depending on the cost, I can pay a steady amount twice a month or make a maximum of three payments for lower costs. Of course, we can discuss the rest in detail if you’re the one who wants to help me with this lil project


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I offer payment plans and try to keep my prices low as I can for the mean time