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Fursuits - your opinioin

So... what do you think of fursuits?

  • They're awesome, love them!

    Votes: 50 41.7%
  • They're okay

    Votes: 35 29.2%
  • They're kinda weird, but I guess OK

    Votes: 23 19.2%
  • They're right up there with clowns for creepy

    Votes: 10 8.3%
  • They're awful, I punch fursuiters on sight

    Votes: 2 1.7%

  • Total voters


PEBKAC exterminator
So... interesting poll about fursuits, inspired by a talk with mate. The furry fandom is not specifically about fursuiting, but as with most things in the fandom, that is one of many, many aspects of it. I'm not into it myself - just think of it as a bit silly/creepy personally, but I accept it, and don't judge anyone for wanting to do it because for some is a very fun and liberating thing. So... what are your thoughts on them?

They're awesome, love them! - you very much enjoy them, maybe even have one and of course totally accept it.

They're okay - you accept it, and maybe kinda/sorta like them, but not a huge deal for you.

They're kinda weird, but I guess OK - you accept them, but they're not something you'd do or really want to be part of/invoved with.

They're right up there with clowns for creepy - you accept and understand why others like it, but personally you find them a little creepy... like clowns. Well... maybe not THAT creepy, but somewhere between clowns and the last point. :p

They're awful, I punch fursuiters on sight - You're a fur people probably avoid. And probably had issues growing up. Or were maybe beaten up by a gang of fursuiters in your youth and harbor a terrible resentment for them.

the grey fox

Dreaming deeply
whoo! first to vote!
*ahem*. i think fursuits are alright, i don't own one and probably never will, but they're still pretty cool.


Terminally Pulchritudinous
I voted for the `they're okay' option. I guess I really do not have a well thought out opinion about them, having never known anyone who takes it seriously, and never having tried it myself. Let's just say that I am open to new things. You just never know.

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
I like them ^.^

I want a Red 'n' White Lucario Fursuit ... I'd look like a total twat in it, but it's worth it ^..^


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I think they're really cute when well made, sometimes a bit disturbing when clumsily made o_O And I have no desire to own one. But overall I quite like them :D Though I'm not sure how you're supposed to act around fursuiters because most of the time they don't talk... I find that out of anything the most offputting. So I voted for "they're okay" Should be an option in between they're okay and they're awesome, would've voted for that.


Lurking in Castle Moats
I understand if some people might find it silly or creepy.

However to me, it's tons of fun and I love it. Of course wearing the suit is just one half of things to me. I enjoy the process of creating them, it's fun to put my creativity to work to take a 2-d concept and bring it to life. It's also fun to work together with my BF, as a co-op thing, when it comes to making them.

At the end of the day it feels brilliant to walk around in a piece of art that I made with someone else. That is what a fursuit is really.
I personally find them "Kinda weird, but okay".
I also laughed awesomely hard when I misread the text in "They're right up there with clowns for creepy" as "downs for creepy".



Not only do over 99% of them look absolutely retarded, but the way people act when they're inside them is even worse. They are reminiscent of a hyperactive, cuddly, annoying 4 year old. I want to punch every single one I see, and heaven forbid one touch me. Who the hell gives a a fursuiter the right to touch and hug everyone? Do they think people will LIKE it? Do they think it's okay to do anything just because they threw a shaggy carpet over their head?

Fursuits can all fall off a cliff as far as I care. Excluding the very limited handful of them which not only DON'T remind me of a second grader's first sewing experiment, but also fail to act like a complete idiot while in their costume. Have some class, furries. Jeez.


Master of the Score
Despite usually being an anti-fur (As we all know, all anti-furries are in fact furries themselves), I'd have to say some fursuits, partials in particular, are pretty neat.

Hell, I've looked in to having an Eleziek partial, but have not found anyone who works at the level of detail and craftmanship I desire.
They're creepy as fuck, especially the less cartoony ones. I'm sorry to use Beastcub as an example here, but if I turned around and saw one of those suits she makes standing silently in the corner of my room staring at me I'd probably shit my pants. They're pure nightmare fuel :V .


*Le Rawr*
I don't mind them as long as they are well-made. I can imagine myself trying one in the future but not bothered either way. Partials strike me as a simpler and more modest way of suiting up though.

What I am not fond is cartoon-character fursuits. Not cartoon-style but fursuits modeled after actual characters like, dunno, Sonic or Yoshi.

south syde dobe

4th Elite General
They're creepy as fuck, especially the less cartoony ones. I'm sorry to use Beastcub as an example here, but if I turned around and saw one of those suits she makes standing silently in the corner of my room staring at me I'd probably shit my pants. They're pure nightmare fuel :V .

...damn it whitenoise, you made me laugh XD

Anyhow I picked the middle option, I'm alright with them though it does kind of wierd me out :\


King ov Wahjah


Lady of the lake
i like them. they are cute and a lots of them look very awesome!
but the eyes are kinda creepy O_O




Neighborhood Hugglewoof
I'm trying to save up for my own fursuit, I can't wait! Much wishes to anyone going to AC this year, as well as those who are going out in public their first time with a fursuit, I can't wait to be in that situation!


X3 I'm making my own fursuit....
er... actually I bought the paws at the dollar store, and I'm going to make a tail, and a head...

I dont like full-body...
and I think I can find some white bear claw slippers. those tend to be popular.

what I'd REALLY like to do is just wear a coyote skin. but... I dont want to spend $200.