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Furthest Distance Driven and Why?


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Mine would have to be a round trip to Virginia, took about 17 - 18 hours roughly 1350 miles to pick up my friend who was staying at an ex boyfriends house. The ex boyfriend moved on within a week of the breakup an began bringing other girlfriends over, on top of all that it was the ex boyfriends moms house.
If bus trips count, I traveled 4000 miles across the US via about 30 bus stops. Was on the run from an abusive psycho ex that I escaped from. Yays for freedom :)


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The furthest I have driven was about 35 miles. The furthest I was driven in one trip was about 2000 miles.


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As far as driven myself, 3 hours from my hometown to Houghton for school. Tech is a nice place and I'm glad I came here and met the people and roommates that I did. It's cold AF and ridiculously snowy, but overall worth it.

As far as tagging along with family, Green Bay for slightly longer, we went for the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral. Yes, we literally drove about 4 hours for breakfast. But that was also worth it.


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20 hours from alabama to west texas. Easiest drive ever.


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Nah. I moved out here with a friend of mine. We both have our own car so we drove alone, though. It's nice knowing at least one person once I got here.
Thats what I was hinting towards, its difficult out there alone. This forum proves that in itself.