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Furvana? (newbie artist alley questions)

Maranda Cromwell

Scavenger Extraordinaire
Hey all!
New to the fandom, planning on going to my first con (Furvana in Ocean Shores, WA) at the end of this month. I'm an artist and am hoping to partake in the artist alley. I'm no stranger to vending-- I have many street fairs, art walks, and similar events under my belt-- but never technically an artist alley table at a convention. I'm planning on bringing some 8"x10" prints, 5"x7" prints, stickers, a couple original paintings, and doing small commissions. Perhaps just sketches mostly, and maybe some watercolor pieces. To an artist alley veteran, does this sound doable to you? Is there anything that sells well/terribly? Should I bring a portfolio, have a commissions price list, signage...? When you were a newbie, what advice would YOU have liked to hear?

I'm also wondering if anyone else is planning on going to Furvana! As I understand it, it's a pretty new con.

Thank you!!


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Sounds like you got enough merch already. As to what sells, since it’s printed art, depends on the content. Can’t go wrong with things cute or edgy.
You should also bring everything you mentioned. Prices and signs should always be used for cons, it makes it more approachable. If you have the room to bring extra stuff, do it. I’ve always over prepared because when I don’t I regret it later.