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Hi, my name is Herman and I'm single handedly creating a big 4K cartoon named "FURY: Whale Song". Currently the cartoon is ready for 1/3. Here is the non-plot scene from the middle of my cartoon (please turn on subtitles):

"FURY: Whale Song" is a mystical thriller cartoon. The main character, Tute, lives the calm life of an idler, spending his time on petty hobbies like collecting old stuff, spiritual practices, reading and gaming. But he has a roommate who brokes his idyll - Yuma, wild and wayward, who pulls him out of the comfort zone.
During the new conflict, Yuma breaks Tute’s favorite cassette, with the sound of the whale song recorded on it. Coming out of the heat of passion and realizing that she had broken a thing valuable to her friend, Yuma feels guilty and promises to get him a new one. As the story progresses, characters discover the unusual properties of a broken cassette, the secret of which sends the characters on a dangerous journey to the hell of urban legends, where they will lose a lot and reveal themselves from all sides. The cartoon takes place in the half-fictional Russian city of Ladoga.

Russian is it’s original language, but it will be fully dubbed in English on release, and subtitled a bit later.
See what is done so far:
-The first act (on Russian, without finished sound montage): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bURP4WmUfqs
-The transition between the first and the second acts, picturing city views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJT724_eK8c
-The non-plot scene from the middle of the cartoon, attached upper.

If you like it, please subscribe to my Facebook group and help me to share my project! I will be very grateful. In my group you can track the creating process: I’ll post production updates and additional content like storyboard frames, animatics, full-resolution backgrounds and other stuff!

Facebook group: www.facebook.com: FURY: Whale Song / A blog about cartoon's production
VK group: www.vk.com: FURY | Блог про создание мультфильма (you can find here lots of additional content, but the group is running in Russian)

The release year is 2020. It takes so long because the project is huge in labor costs and I'm creating it alone, and also I have to earn money for living working on freelance.

For the moderators: I'm not sure where should I post it, I guess as it is digital art, it's the right area?