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FWA 2010?


My mate and i are going ^^ We plan on coming up the wednesday before and leaving the monday afterword ^^

We are also looking for people to share ride and/or room with.

We live in Deerfield beach, FL, so anyone in the area, slightly south(no farther than Ft. Lauderdale area) or north towards atlanta is welcome to message me on FA. My username there is the same as my forum name, yiff_chiyo.


Harliquin Nightpaw
I'm going! And I'm totally stoked about this year's theme. My name isn't Harliquin for nothing :D

Dyne Solweaver

New Member
I'm registered and I have my room booked. I'm not in the Hilton but less than a block away. As of yet; I've no roommates but if someone is interested in lightening the financial burden by sharing the cost. I'll be happy to consider just PM me here or on FA. (dynewyzard)


New Member
I might be going with a friend. This is going to be the first furry con I've ever been to. Heck, it's going to be the first con in general! <3


Resident Featherdragon
I'm gonna be lodging with an aunt that lives a few miles SW of Atlanta. So definitely I am going. Been burnin' my way through GoogleMaps to learn the roads of the area around the hotel, too. XD


Puts the "fang" in "fangirl".
I hope everybody's having fun.

You're not missing much here...




Let it be most furious.
It was wonderful! There were so many sweet and unique people.

My first convention, too.


Spider 8itch
Eh, I won't be going to any con untill I get older.
I'm only a teenager. :/

Edit: just realised it's over.
I'm stupid, aren't I?


(juh-lie-uh) :P
It was so much fun! Anyone know where I can find the pics that the Monster Energy people took? They told me they'd be posted on MonsterEnergy.com but I can't seem to find them anywhere....


Fanatic Artist
Ohhhhh... Ohhhhhhhh, I went.... I saw it all! *sniff* I got to see what a Furry Carnaval was like! Ohhhhhhhhhh.... There was dancing, there was music, there were beautiful sights that I cannot begin to describe. The furriest party on earth was everything I dreamed of and more. It gave me the answers about the irresistible beauty and infinite imagination of the furry Carnaval.

But, now that I am at home, I feel the way I felt before I went. I'm in the pre-con state of mind after the con happened. I still imagine what the Furry Carnaval is like and most flamboyant and festive it could be. I still listen to Timbalada. I feel like FWA 2010 is yet to come. It is both a wonderful and sad feeling at the same time. The reason there is a sad part is because the convention is history there won't be another like it anytime soon. FWA 2010 was a once-in-a-lifetime experience but Furry Carnaval is not. There will be another Furry Carnaval in the future, although it may be years until it comes. I await the day this time of celebration returns, hopefully it will be at a bigger convention where there could be even more beauty and festivities. :'3

Bandit Braith

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I would have, but there's no way I was be able to get a ride and if I could, I wouldn't be able to afford the hotel =[
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