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Game: bad genies


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Granted. It smells of the sea but it is guarabtewd to make you shine and sparkle

I wish for the perfect cup of tea

Frank Gulotta

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I wish for the perfect cup of tea
They said there is no such thing as perfection but I spawned it into existence through magic. The whiteness of the porcelain the cup is made of made you blind and the absolute serenity of its million harmoniously weaved flavors has killed you with bliss. You are now with God but the tea is lost.

I wish humanity's collective IQ would rise by one point or two


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Done, but the cookies weigh 50 lbs each. Good luck trying to eat them

I wish for the snuggliest blanket in the world


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
*Shoves a proto in your general direction*

It needs to be walked twice a day and only like AMD processors

I wish I had an assistant to help with my work and chores
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Joy Boi
*Gives you a root bear the size of the empire state building. only problem you gotta get up there to drink it.

I wish for an average seized cookie.


The average cookie is now seized, but it ended up being seized by someone else.

I wish for an orangutan.


Don't mind me, just lurking
*manually changes your clock to run two minutes behind*

I wish I could permanently make my hair pink


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Granted! Pink keeps you up at night with her singing and constantly drags you off on tour.


I wish for a nice relaxing bath.


Don't mind me, just lurking
Granted. Good news! Scientists have finally created a shrink ray. You now have 9,000,000 donuts that are the size of an atom.

I wish the taste of mint was never invented.