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Game: bad genies


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Done *adorable dance shoes materialize*. Now, so long as you where these you will be unable to stop dancing. Have fun.

I wish for softer skin


Well-Known Member
Granted, Mr Tacoshark! Or should I say, Mr Burritojellyfish!

I wish I could throw snakes at people and get away with it.


Seems like a toothbrush should suffice! Here you are! =D

I wish for something I didn’t know I wanted, but once I get it, realize how much I needed it!


Frequent DOM-inoes customer
You can via the magic metro! It'll take you right to Isengard, but first it has to make 23 stops along the Chicagoland orange line. Also it might break down every half mile. And you might be traveling during peak rush hour. But hey, you'll get there... eventually

I wish that my life was a magical fantasy adventure


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
*Slaps a bucket on your head*
There we are. Wear it well Lird Bucket. Not sure why your hats get set on fire but that should last.

I wish for an ice cream bowl that never runs out of ice cream


A fox named Ridley
Granted, but if you spill it, the whole world gets flooded with melted ice cream.

I wish for a sunbeam where I can curl up and take a nap.


Granted, I turn back time to right before the situation happens so you can unsee it. And you get the pleasure of seeing it again!

I wish for motivation to get out of bed =.=

Good Boy Avery

Level 28 Good Boy
Granted. Your bed is now on fire. And full of snakes. Flaming snakes. And they're angry. Very angry. Probably because of the fire. Or because it's not their bed, cuz some jerk wished for snakes to be in their bed. And now they're on fire.

I wish i were an oscar meyer wiener.


Joy Boi
........ *Throws a bunch of anime girl body pillows down in an olympic swimming pool before throwing you into it*

Good luck!

I wish for a massage.


Well-Known Member
Granted! Ever heard of 'Rolfing'? You're going to love it... :D

I wish to make first contact with some peaceful, friendly aliens.