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Game: bad genies


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Granted! Your plane crashes into a cliff because even the radar screen was furry, making it impossible to read.

I wish for a superhuman talent!


You're really making me do this huh? Ugh fine!

*bites nickle*

Hey, it holds more value than a bitpenny at least c:

I wish for SinglePringle to finally get out of the shame cube! :D

sleepy kitty

Purrfect hair forever! :)
Granted, but it's only all of the scat-fetishist furries. So... be prepared for a lot of "crappy" artwork. Ha... see what I did there?

I wish to be surrounded by 1,000 cute cats


I got you Foxridley, I only recruited the most top notch of soldiers who fit the bill


they’re the best around trust me!

I wish for a cute doggo companion!~