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Game: bad genies

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Granted! You're now a translator for Universal Studios! You now write the French and Spanish subtitles for their movies.

I wish I had some gummi bears


Bad Jokes Inc.
Granted. It spawns up your bum.

I wish for flying cows.

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Granted. You now have a severed hand. It's still twitching!

I wiah I had a taco


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
*pops in front of you*


I wish for a day of adventure


Frequent DOM-inoes customer
Congratulations! You selected the "DMV Adventure" package. Enjoy a thrilltastic day of...

- waiting in lines
- waiting in more lines
- waiting in even more lines
- looking up at the little tv to see if your number is called yet (your number is 86, they're at 5 rn)
- waiting in lines
- avoiding the creepy stare of the shirtless man smoking weed behind you
- admiring the floral pattern of the old lady's shirt in front of you
- getting your soul eaten by "plastic tube gray" wallpaper
- getting a terrible picture that looks more like a mugshot

I wish for a lovely day at the beach


Stubborn Caracal
Granted. However, there are more fish droppings on the beach than there is sand!

I wish to not feel sick.


Well-Known Member
Granted! You never feel sick, even when you ARE sick, so you never know when to go to the doctor and quickly die of easily preventable conditions.

I wish to do the Morcambe and Wise 'Bring Me Sunshine' dance with Stephen Colbert.


Well-Known Member
...is that a euphemism? It is now! Here's a bucket of unspeakable bodily fluids.

I wish I had a cleaner mind.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Okay, you got it. But you gotta wait for me to make the stock and fixins. Should be only a couple days. You can wait right?

I wish for the tastier cider around


Really ratty rat
Granted! But the waffles are cursed. That's bad. But the waffles come with a free choice of toppings! That's good. The toppings contain potassium benzoate.....

I wish they had demolished the building next door already, so the noise didn't wake me up every morning.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Done *claps hand*

Oh, you didnt ask for a container or spoon. Your friend will have to lick it up like a goat at a petting zoo

I wish for a dragon to ride around on


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
You got it. Put you must dance for your meal....DANCE FOR YOUR DUCK!

I wish for a pair of fancy shoes


A fox named Ridley
*You now have the Ruby Slippers. Unfortunately the Wicked Witch of the West is still after them.*

I wish for telekinesis.