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Game: bad genies


Joy Boi
*Gives you a kittle kiddie pool, lawn chair, and an umbrella*

Quarantine my guy. Gotta socially distance and dont go flying.

I wish for.. some play dough ice cream *Drools*


A fox named Ridley
I didn't know the recipe, so here's some vanilla ice cream with chunks of play-dough mixed in.

I wish for a cherry tree.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
It is built, but you will need to make your own travel arrangements. NASA's number is on the fridge

I wish for an outfit that will make all the boys and girls jealous


Frequent DOM-inoes customer
*Plops a get on your house*

Try and find a runway though.. and a pilot.

I wish for some cute shoes ^w^
You get those cute scrunchy heels that make your feet feel like they're in a trash compactor. But that's the price of cute feet!

I wish for an all-expenses-paid-by-genie trip to Monaco


Joy Boi
Oh? Wanting to go to France aye? Very well!

*Hands you plan tickets, they land within an hour of one another*

Better make it last.

I would like to go to the moon.


Cute cow that likes computer hardware
*You get to the moon, but end up with a huge speeding fine as you arrive!*

I wish for multiple versions of my cow oc Melisa

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy


The whimsical clown
Sure. Here you have a perfect set of pants. They are not your size though.

I wish for a new hairstyle