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Game: bad genies


Spotted Skunk
Granted! *Sticks your mom's ass hairs onto your shaved skin with crappy glue*

Enjoy your new fur!

I wish for a new bottle of glue, for purposes! :p


Joy Boi

I want a lizard


Well-Known Member
Granted! And your punishment is, you've got to keep them.

I wish to trademark the customer greeting phrase: 'Welcome to DOM-inoes. YOU WILL TAKE MY ORDER!'


A fox named Ridley
$737,000 have magically appeared in your bank account. This sudden influx of money has attracted the attention of the authorities.

I wish for the ability to intuitively know how to fly any aircraft.


Well-Known Member
Unfortunately the God in question is the Plaguefather Nurgle.
Interesting point, Nurgle is probably based on the Mesopotamian god of disease and war, Nergal, who was sometimes represented as an anthropomorphic lion.


I wish for a lizard friend ^w^
Granted! It's Godzilla. Brace yourself for the hug!

I wish for a reliable LiPo battery cell the size of a AAA battery, with a built-in charger circuit.