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Game: bad genies


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Granted! You are now a Genie in the US. You get deported back to Saudi Arabia as an illegal immigrant.

Wow, I'm running out of things to wish for... let's see...
I wish for a new and amusing forum game to play!

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
You are now stuck playing "Dr. QuantumFur explains physics in under 300 years" ... never said it had to be fun and amusing for YOU. But Dr. QuantumFur enjoys it a lot!

I wish for the winning lottery ticket


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Granted! You've won an all-expenses paid trip to Guantanamo Bay in the Waterboard Lottery! Government agents will be arriving shortly to 'assist' you.

I wish for a doctorate.


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Granted! You now have a fetish for folded paper models. Since they can't stop you, you can 'do' them whenever you like. Watch out for paper cuts.

I wish @Universe knew how to help me with that doctorate.

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
*locks you both in a room with 3 tons of physics textbooks* He can be your study buddy! I'll let you out in about... 8 years or so

I wish I could go to culinary school to learn how to bake pizzas


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Granted, but you are only taught how to make pizza using non traditional ingredients such as corn and gravy.

I wish for some fresh cookies and doughnuts.


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They're given to you, but the flavors are all terrible - like popcorn flavored doughnuts or cookies made out of raw chicken (but fresh raw chicken!).

I wish for a sheep.


Woof? Woof
Granted, but you will have to go hungry.

I wish for a nice car.


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Granted! It's a self-driving car, and it's SO nice, it always lets everyone else pull out in front of it, stops for little old ladies to cross the road, and pops down to the shops for your granny whenever she asks. As a result, you never get anywhere that you actually want to go. At rush hour, it tends to go backwards.

I wish for exactly 2 cubic inches of 100% pure tungsten in a perfect cube.


Joy Boi
*drops it on your foot*

oopsie *giggles deviously*

I wanna see that dropped on your other foot!


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I wish the Titans were still in the NFL playoffs ;w;
Granted! Sadly, Atlas throws the ball so hard it goes into orbit, Cronus gets pissed off and cuts the opposing team up with a scythe, Tethys has a fling with a quarterback and produces a race of monsters (which are coincidentally really good at football) and Mnemosyne throws a hissy fit because nobody remembers who she is any more. Prometheus, as usual, is chained to the substitutes bench having his liver pecked out by the other team's mascot.

I wish the Greek Classics were still taught in schools.


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
granted... but they know above the one pice human ones with that name... everyone thinks they are terrible

i wish it was possible to fold corn tortillas

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
Granted, take some guy's masterclass starting at $500/hour to learn this delicate artform

wish I had a lot more time.