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Game: bad genies


Meow. I'm a fox/big cat who hides in shadows
You can draw hands...but nothing else

I wish for a rainy day


Well-Known Member
Granted! You're riddled with the things! Biting you to buggery, they are! Turns out, 'Fairies' is just a euphemism for 'dragon crabs'.

I wish to receive an OBE.


Joy Boi
*Quickly looks up term* Uuuuuuuuuuuh *gets a sword and knights you... accidentally beheads....*


*slowly walks away*

I wish for a fixer... heh


Joy Boi

I wish for butt.


Meow. I'm a fox/big cat who hides in shadows
It’s slightly infested, but I hope you don’t mind the fire ants

I wish for a deck of cards

Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
Granted; you have a stack of greeting cards from Walgreens, and they're all Christmas greeting cards.

I wish for three days and four nights in picturesque Bellows Falls, Vermont.


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
granted, however the job does not pay well, and most power is in the highly divided multiverse congress who refuse to agree on anything

on top of that people come out of rick and morty looking portals to protest things

i wish my enemies did not have internet access


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Granted! Now all seven of the dwarves are Happy. This completely ruins Snow White.

I wish that the national sport of America was Hurling.



Meow. I'm a fox/big cat who hides in shadows
Now people throw up on each other…that’s hurling!

I wish I had a zootopia jacket that fits.


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Granted! Say hello to your new son. Of course you'll have to give birth to him first.

I wish every country accepted LGBTQ+ citizens as moral equals and people in their own right, so we could all get the hell on with solving the REAL problems.


heeheehee HAHAHAHA!
A noble wish, granted. Now we can move on to the real problems, such as the planet sized meteor headed straight for us AHHH NOOOO.

I wish I could Immediately come up with the coolest one liner to say at any given moment!


Worshiper of Monster
Granted, but it was only the coolest in the moment from YOUR perspective, everyone else is disgusted by it.

I wish for a giant glocktopus.

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
Granted! You summon Cthulhu and driven insane

I wish that time and space existed in infinite quantities of astral planar realmspace


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Granted, but then the fabric of space-time will be locked in a quantum superposition of groovy beats.

I wish to be able to freeze things to near absolute zero.