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Game: bad genies

The Character Consultancy

Character psychologist
The plastic surgeon removes the birthmark but as it needs a new home, puts it back on you, two inches to the left.

I wish I owned the house I live in.


A fox named Ridley
Granted. You have a normal 2022 job, which means too many hours, not enough pay, and a boss who keeps emailing you when you're off work.

I wish I didn't have these allergies.


Worshiper of Monster
Granted, he is a flying head like in Futurama but with a jetpack. And he gives bad advice constantly.

I wish for soy to not exist.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
I wish for a quieter lawnmower.
Granted! I got it to pronounce a vow of silence. But now there's no swearing, no drinking alcohol, having sex or cooking meat on Fridays allowed anywhere on the lawn.

I wish I wasn't so easily distracted.


Worshiper of Monster
Granted, but your hearing is bad so you often end up asking "What?" and always misunderstand people the second time.

I wish for one giant glass of beer.


A fox named Ridley
The glass is two stories high, but still only holds 12 oz of beer.

I wish for a free bottle of normally-expensive wine.


Furry Trash
Granted, but every time you attempt to get the forum under control, two users begin to derail things.

I wish sugar wasn't so bad for you


Well-Known Member
I will be happy to grant that wish for you! Just you lean over the bowl a bit...
a bit closer.... just a little bit... *KA-FLOOOOOSH!* Wish granted!

I wish for an apocalypse-proof bunker.


A fox named Ridley
It’s a completely safe. It will keep you alive as long as you are inside it, no matter what. Also, it won’t let you out because outside is dangerous.

I wish for glasses that never get dirty.


A fox named Ridley
Granted, be warned that the artificial intelligence responsible for cleaning views all organic life as contamination.

I wish for rain.


Furry Trash
Granted. It rains so much that we get another Noah's Ark situation

I wish for the sun to come
Granted, only it's The King In Yellow's star, and you have single handedly brought about the Great Old One's return.

I wish to have a girlfriend.

Chad Firepaws

I simp for Corporate
This girl happens to be really into potato porn. Should have some fun nights in bed!

I wish to have any romantic relationship with a living thing please I'm desperate ;w;