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Game: bad genies


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
throws vaporeon TF potion at you

i wish it would not be so hot all the tine(temperature)

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
Granted! But it gives you much cavities in your teeth.

I wish to becoming my sona, so I can have fun in the Artisans, in Spyro's World.


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Granted! You are now an NPC in a Playstation 1-era video game. You're forced to spend all your time standing in one place waiting for the player to come talk to you, and then you get to say a single line of dialog over and over again. Also your pixels are YUGE!

I wish I could make other people's noses grow to any length I liked.


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Granted! Your network connection is totally WIRED, and keeps cutting out from excessive nervousness.

I wish to invent a material that only clever people can see.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
Granted, unfortunately you can't see it!

I wish to catapult mice into Mars


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Pure gold's pretty crap, actually. It's as soft as clay and not good for anything unless you alloy it with something else. Lead's a good option. Here, let me give you some of that too. *BANG!*

Now I got your gold! Byeeee! Woop woop woop woop woop!

I wish for a Doctor Zoidberg costume to make my escape more authentic.


A fox named Ridley
You are wearing a Doctor Zoidberg costume. You can't take it off because of the Zoidberg claws.

I wish for 1 inch of rain.


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Granted! I've moved your body's entire allotment of energy to the AM. As a result, by midday, you're knackered and sleep through until 6AM.

I wish to legally own and fly a drone-style flying car.


A fox named Ridley
Granted, but learning to fly it costs about as much as 4 years at Yale.

I wish for the knowledge to operate any vehicle I want.


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
Sorry, fresh out of Godhoods... would being a Prince work?Prince of the Land Of Stench!
(2 bonus internet to anyfur that gets that reference. I only have 2 to give away...)