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Game: bad genies


Meow. I'm a fox/big cat who hides in shadows
Granted! Delicious ROTTEN food! You took too long to eat it!

I wish for the ability to fly


Meow. I'm a fox/big cat who hides in shadows
Granted. Your ice is dry because there is none! And no water! For the rest of your life

I wish for good vision

Plouc the Dragon

Permanent Pregnant Andromorph Dragon
Granted. But you're blind, and you can't see shit! D:

I wish to become a Maverick (like Storm Eagle) hired by Sigma or whatever


Well-Known Member
Whelp, according to my dictionary, 'Maverick' means 'Unbranded cow, calf or steer, especially one separated from its mother'. Soooo now you're a steer, I get to send your momma to Mars, and here comes Farmer Whatever with the branding iron and gelding shears! (They call him 'Farmer Whatever' because that's his attitude towards anaesthetic.)

Oooh I love it when a good evil wish fulfilment comes together!

I wish for a beautiful piece of wood, about six feet long by two feet wide and half an inch thick.