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Game Count!!

How many games do you own?

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Hard copies or all games? Cause excessive quantities can easily be downloaded, legal or otherwise.


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IT'S OVER 9000!

No, I stopped counting after two. (Hundred.)

Actually, I've never counted them. It's quite a few, though.
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Too many

Hakar Kerarmor

I counted over 80 games in big boxes on top of my bookshelf alone, so a lot.


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Oof.. Well, I have 35 games in my Steam library but I'm sure I have even more games for DS, 3DS, Wii, original Xbox and even Gameboy! I have plenty of old game discs for PC on my shelf, ranging from Harry Potter to Spore to Robot Wars to both Zoo Tycoons with all expansion packs!
Not to mention games which I downloaded to my 3DS, which is about 30 in itself (I have the Ambassador download games too).
Yep, definitely over 100.


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I only have a couple dozen games, almost all of them for my Xbox 360 (though I do have Spore on the PC. Too bad I can't play it. :/ ). Why bother with hundreds of games if you know you're only going to play about 20 of them on a regular basis?
(Well, 26 in my case, but that's beside the point!)


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Easily topping 100. And it continues to grow....


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how many games i've ever owned in my life? ~90
how many games i've played? ~35
how many games i've enjoyed? ~20

steam library=20
(betas+hated purchases on steam=6)
(unfinished games on steam=3)

i've gotten prity much every game i wanted to play....


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Physical games: Around 50+

Steam library: 300+


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I have over 100 but a good bulk of them are 10 cent nes games.


My steam library alone goes over 100 by a lot. Physical games go from the super Nes to the ps2 to the Wii U to everything in between, so again, goes over 100 by a lot.


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Probably a little less than 100 but I am pretty sure I ll pass that number after a few more years. Most are on steam/origin though, feels a lot more organised.


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I know my steam count is over 100, but thats all i feel like sharing for now. I'll get you a real count later.


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100+ for me.

Just don't poll to find out how much time we've spent on games. If we work out the days, collectively, we could likely live a good human life and a half.


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dear god people. why do you need so many games? and how can you jump from one to the next like nothing ever happened....


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I've been collecting games all of my life. Mega Drive, SNES, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Game Boy, PS2 and so on...

I have at least 4 big boxes of games in my loft. I am considering having a clearout - might get a bit of money for them.