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Game: Date The Person Below You!(100% fun version!)


Darn tootin'
We have too many PAY(Person Above You) threads. Time for a more fun PBY game!

You're dating the person below you. Where will you be taking him/her? What will you do?

I will take my date to the movies first, preferably a movie we both may enjoy. Then probably just hit your place or mine, and make food. Oh, and I am the cook. You will not be allowed in the kitchen nor will you be allowed to sneak a peek on what I will be making. And then perhaps we can just talk while eating? About the movie? Or we can just make shitty references to memes. Your choice. Then do whatever we end up doing afterwards, I guess.

So. Who's the unlucky fucker who will go out on a date with me?


Looks to be me :p Sounds like a fun day!

I'd probably take you for a walk somewhere, a nice trail in the woods. Then we could go to one another's place and have some warm beverages and talk about our day. Then maybe binge watch something on Netflix. The rest of day could go whatever way you'd want. Now which one of you guys will be stuck with this asshole...


75% gryphon, 25% phoenix, 100% fun, got a dutchie
Looks like you are with me, sounds like fun.

I would take my date to the mall food court / rest area and go people watching, especially for the ridiculous ones. Maybe some window shopping and talking about our day. Later I would bring you to a ramen stand for dinner, head back to my place, make some popcorn and enjoy whatever movie you like.

So, who is going to be with me.


Definitely not a lizard
Sounds like a cool date.

I'd take my date to hit the bar . And then we'd go hang out in a park, and then we'd come back to the bar.
So, whose liver is strong enough to withstand that?


Aussie foxy
Well, well, good old Sarachaga. Let's go to a French restaurant in the city!:)


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Ravo! You have finally fallen into my clutches, er, I mean, arms! Good thing I am so innocent : P But I'd take you to see an obscure foreign film, with subtitles, then a museum, then, a trip to my lair, er, I mean, place to hang out!


Darn tootin'
You're taking me to your lair? Good gracious me. YES! TAKE ME SKUNKY! Take me like one of your French girls! :D

The person under me: First dinner at a good pizza restaurant. Then Sea World. And then later on do a little shopping? And then back to my mancave apartment and relax. Hopefully with Netflix(I don't have Netflix, so will have to do with other options) and chill.


Well Known Foxxo
You want to Netflix and chill with me? Wow I feel so special ~

I would take my date on a nice apple picking trip and then end with a trip to the local asylum to drop off said apples and get the full treatment ~ oh no trust me it's just for fun, you're not actually going to stay here and be my date for all eternity... definitely not... definitely <3


Captious Lycanthrope of Forum Legend
Asylums aren't so bad Mabus. We let you color with crayons and give out fiber juice (apple or prune). Just be sure to take your Haldol and we wont have to put you in 5 point restraints. We'll get you well and woofing again in no time! Sadly this will never work out between us. I don't date patients.

After that though, I need a drink. I'd have it all planned out to take whomever is below me for tapas or small plates, maybe get some cider or do a little wine tasting.

We'd meet up and then....we'd..........I'd................oh God... its happening again!



Looks like my time with Garth is going to have to be a day trip. Can't be having all that craziness coming unraveled, during a luncheon in public.

I have slightly less high society decorum, so it's off to the local go kart track, when the day will be spent playing arcades, air hockey, and also partaking in some laser tag if time allows. All food will be prepared by the finest "I hate my job" workers in existence, including pizza, fries, and whatever other atrocities a low rent snack bar can provide.


Reluctant Conversationalist
That sounds like an amazingly fun time! I cant stand the high life sort of style of things, expensive dinner and drinks, dancing and all the mushy romantic crap. Once in a while is fine, bit as a date.. feel so put of place..
If I can't hang out with you as a friend, forget about anything else!

So, I'm think my date and I would just go for a drink at a bar or a pub. Some place we can talk and get to know each other. If we get hungry, go for some food at a good restaurant, either chinese or grill.
Maybe take a walk around town if we don't want the evening to end, and if things go really well.. maybe even go back to my place for coffee.. ;)


Darn tootin'
A date with you, love? I'd feel honored. :D

Hmm. My place. You and me. I'll put on a movie or two on my computer. I'll make some real good food too.


The sheep
Naw, you're on a date with me Yaka. Get your head out of the clouds.

After I'm finished with you, I'll toss you aside and go booze cruising to find my next vic- er date. Probably a homeless or one of those people down on their luck in the parking lots with some family members freezing to death in their minivan with no fuel, water, or food in it. Those people usually aren't too picky about the sort of dates I take them on. Maybe McDonalds then back to my place.


Well Known Foxxo
Wow thats awful D:

I would take the person below me on a long walk on the beach at sunset, sitting and watching the large anthro birds flying through the sky as the sun dips right below the horizon and the starts start to shine, a lone shooting star flying across the sky as we sit together, snuggling slightly in the now slightly cold air, enjoying the presence of the heavens as just being for a moment in that amazing and incomprehensible moment


Well-Known Member
I'm one lucky wolfo to have such a nice time with you :D

I will invite the happy person below me to a nice dinner in the finest and priciest restaurant in your area. Then we will watch a movie which you choose and after all this I blindfold you and take you to a secret place where the sky is purest to watch the milky way moving by until you fall asleep. The day after we visit a spa and eat some Ice cream.


Darn tootin'
Awwwww. I love food and ice cream! :D

I will bring you to my dungeon favorite restaurant. Then we shall hit my place for some more food. And a movie of your choosing.
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75% gryphon, 25% phoenix, 100% fun, got a dutchie
2 meals and a movie, sounds like fun. Hope you like suspense horrors.

I'd take my date to a nature walk (flight if they can fly) and watch the sun set. Later we would go to my place for food, and watch a movie.


Definitely not a lizard
That's a fun date :3!

I'll take my date for a tour in the mountain. Hiking for 3 days.


Aussie foxy
Aw, you're very kind! Can I ride on your back?:p

My lucky date shall have a great time visiting the museum with me!

Liam The Red

"Dad" Fox
Why oh why do I always wind up with you, @Simo ?! I mean, I like you and all, but there's a whole country between us.

As for whomever follows . . .

* in a sultry, foxy tone* "Why, hello. And to what do I owe this pleasure?"


Whoa hold up there, dad!

Quality restaurant chosen randomly by glancing at nearby restaurants on Google maps. Then we'll have a long and interesting conversation, most likely. I can talk to anyone.


Definitely not a lizard
The real question is will you be able to make sense of my horrendous accent xp.

Bike date! We ride to the beach and then go for a swim


The token panda
i will take the person below me to a seedy cheap hotel, treat them to big macs and some bow chicka wow wow ;)