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Game: Date The Person Below You!(100% fun version!)


Magepunk Fashionisto
The sun has just set. I arrive at your door wearing my softest fancy-casual suit and my most elegant necklace. My nails are painted, my eyes are lined, and I am wearing gingerbread cologne. You'll be picked up in my clunky-but-clean car, and as I open the door for you, you see a dozen roses laying on the seat. I take you to a delicious yet affordable restaurant (in case you insist on paying the bill.) We talk about each other, make each other laugh, then retreat to the car for some snuggling. I may kiss you passionately, with your consent, and I may shower you with sincere compliments. We stargaze, and I point out my favourite constellations. We feel strangely relaxed, happy, and slightly adventurous as we look up at the sky together. I hold your hand, whispering sweet words in your ear. The night ends with me making sure you get to your home safely, or perhaps I'll come in for a rousing game of strip-tac-toe. If I stay the night, you will hopefully wake up the next morning to me making you breakfast. I let you know that it's okay if you don't want to see me again. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and cared about while you're in my presence. Even though you know a rejection would hurt me, you can tell I'm being completely serious and not trying to guilt you. I serve you a simple breakfast from whatever ingredients you had in your kitchen, and I make sure I clean up after myself. The only trace I may leave behind is a thank you note scrawled on a napkin.