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Game:reply to the person above you in your/another language


Friendly Funky Skunky
Did you watch 1 1/2?
¡Oh mí! ¡¡Si!!

¡Es mi favorita! ¡es tan genial!

Amo la canción de los tuneles!! :3

[oh my Yes!!

it's my fave!! It's so amazing!
I love the I'm gonna digga tunah song! :3]


Friendly Funky Skunky
Lol, when I was a kid we had a whole lotta snow. And what I did was I went outside and I was digging tunnels in the yard in the snow xD
¡jajaja! awww que tierno!!


Cavaste como una suricata? :3

[hahaha! aww sounds adorable!!

Tunnel digger!!

You did dig as a meerkat? :3]


Friendly Funky Skunky
I was singing that song for hours xD

¡¡¡Que tiernoooo!!! jajaja

¡Ya me imagino la linda escena!
tu Zorro cavando de forma caricaturesca! x3


soooo cuteeee!!! hahaha

I'm imagining the cute scene!
Your fox digging in a toony way! x3]