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Game: The Bumped Into Game!


Autumn Wolf
The person above you bumped into someone and/or something when walking around a corner. And possibly something happened?

What and/or who did you bump into? Feel free to make a longer post if you want to!


back to Aussie foxying!
You were side-eying someone on the farm and weren't watching where you were going and bumped into the backside of a horse. Your mates all had a harty laugh at your expense:p


Spongefrog Bluepants
You were walking towards the corner and bumped into a kangaroo. They got so unreasonably mad, you were sent flying to the moon with a powerful two-feet kick; luckily you had your magical good-for-everything bubble helmet somewhere in your coat and wore it just in time before having your body suffer from extreme temperatures, low pressure, radiation and running out of oxygen.

The "Shy" Dragon

nervous dragon or smth
You bumped into another frog... they didn't notice you much but were friends somehow-
You bumped into a famous scholar, now they can answer all those questions of yours! :p


I pounce i bounce.
As you were walking around the corner of some unknown city block, you bump into a rather tall domino. Which toppled another slightly larger domino. And that domino drops another and so on until the largest domino knocks over building and that building who bacame slightly annoyed rearranges the fallen dominos and asks you to be more careful next time.... Wait what?


aka Cutter Cat
You walked around the corner and bumped into a German tourist. You stole his hat in the confusion and now wear it on your icon.