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Game: The person above you turned into a God/Demigod


Darn tootin'
The person above you is currently a God without a name.
What is that God's name?
Do they have a physical form?
What power(s) do they have?
What name does any potential follower be described as?

You can be descriptive, or just write basic stuff. Don't have to describe much, either.

Let thine followers spread thy Godly Holiness!

Black Burn

Well-Known Gopnik
Name: Yakamaru
Physical form: Sciencists haven't examined it yet...
Power: deporting illegal immigrants, winning debates about it
Name of follower: DEM CONSERVETIVE


4-tailed kitsune
What is that God's name? FELINE
Do they have a physical form? Yes and it's adorable.
What power(s) do they have? The power to hypnotize others with videos of it's cuteness
What name does any potential follower be described as? Crazy Cat People or Denizens of the internet


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Name; Foxxo
Do they have physical form? Yes, its basic but adorable
Powers? Swift speed and the ability to blast you through a wall by just a glance.
Name of followers? Foxxians
Name: Fox Face
Do they have physical form? Yes but no matter what they look like they dont have a face!
Powers? Being ultra spooky, maybe a lil face melting in the side?
Name of followers? Those Who Do Not Fuck With The Skull Faced One™


4-tailed kitsune
(Thanks Keito!)
Name: The horned god
Do they have physical form? Yes. Unsurprisingly that form is horned.
Powers? Being a silent bull when they want to and silencing other's bull with his whit. Also being able to sneak stealthfully through China shops without breaking a thing. Lastly decent physical strength and of course having horns!
Name of followers: Those who adore-a-bull!
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Aussie foxy
Name: Quiet Beard
Do they have a physical form? No, but the wind is sometimes believed to be the brushing of its spectral beard on the earth.
Powers: Makes people suddenly experience great inspiration, in other words eureka moments. They keep this world creative,
Name of followers: Beard trimmers:p


Imma bat in yer rafters
Name: Kioku the Listener
Physical form: Anything so long as it has ears.
Powers: Hears the cries of any in need through all living things that listen, and relays it to the other Gods to choose what to do.
Name of followers: Hopeful.


4-tailed kitsune
(aw thank you.)
Name: Robin Fly
Do they have a physical form?: Yes. It is small but mighty.
Powers: This defender of the tiny and un-represented has the ability to steel form the rich and give to the poor. He also can bring recognition to the unnoticed and shed light upon problems that otherwise go unheard.
Name of followers: The Merry Moths.


Well Known Foxxo
Name: The Demon Fox
Do they have a physical form?: yep, it's shadowy and looks like pure evil
Powers: They are the super nice fox who is actually the god of ironic situations. They try to make things right but always make people end up in some ironic situation.
Name of followers: The Chaos Heretics and Evil Worshipers, formerly known as CHEW... since you know... they look evil so people think that they are evil... ironnny


Professional Watermelon Farmer
What is that God's name? Sweet Pea
Do they have a physical form? Yes, and one that stays up past his bed-time.
What power(s) do they have? The power to get away with anything, based on how cute and innocent they look!
What name does any potential follower be described as? Peas.

Also, all followers wear pink collars with bells, and a name tag that says, "If lost, Return to Astus Fox". They also must sleep in onsie PJs, which more orthodox /strict followers also wear to work. Often spotted working in Toy Stores.


Smart batto!
Sterculious, the Roman God of feces. Physical form is a big fart with a face. Powers are too versatile to be explained, but better left unexplained anyway. I am the sole follower.



Late Healer Ferret
What is that God's name?

Do they have a physical form?
They are usually perceived as a simple juvenile salamander except in periods of distress, in which are a fierce knight.

What power(s) do they have?
They can shapeshift and breathe underwater. Ooooh.

What name does any potential follower be described as?
(Say it fast enough sounds like “‘at’s a lotta lights!”)


Name- chicken noodle soup

Physical form- combination between a chicken and a living noodle aka ferret

You have the unique ability to give chicken noodle soup to everyone, including the rich, poor, and criminally insane... Those who eat the sacred soup become a Campbellstm the name given to those who follow you. They practice soupism.


The Mistbinder
Name: Wollymon
Physical form: A goat seemingly shaking with frustration.
Pantheon: Minor God
Abilities: You are the god of anything with wool. Anyone who harms them are sent into your afterlife, where they must shepard them for all eternity. You can cause non-wooly people to suddenly grow wool.