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Games that a 5 year old can play

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Say what now?
I have a 5 year old nephew, and he and I like to play video games together. We play Mario Super Sluggers (baseball) and Super Mario Sunshine. In Sunshine, I play all the levels and he watches, and he plays on the island and squirts the guys and just runs around in general.

However, I've almost beat the game and was wondering if you guys had any recommendation for a game he can understand? I'd be able to do the hard parts, most likely a lot of the main story, but he does enjoy playing the easy parts and picks things up pretty fast. I'm hoping I can start teaching him how to progress through a game.

Do you guys have any game recommendations that are fairly easy? Preferably I'd like a Wii or GameCube game, but I do have an N64.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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When I clicked, I thought this was going to be a thread where we could easily drift it into a rant about the dominance of casual games in the market.

I was disappointed. :( :v

Anyway, I don't have many suggestions, but I reckon Pikmin on the Gamecube is a good one. Maybe. >_>


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Ocarina of time.

All day and everyday when I was 5.


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I'm not that familiar with Nintendo games for kids that are also multiplayer games but some games come to mind. Mario Kart, Super Mario Party, and Super Monkey Ball.


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Can't get any more simple than good ol' Super Mario Bros. Move right, get coins, mushrooms, and flowers, stomp enemies and reach the goal at the end. $5 on Wii Virtual Console.


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He would probably be able to play most of the Mario Party games and mario kart.
Edit:Forgot about one, Kirby Air Ride is incredibly simple. The only things used is the A button and analog stick.
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For the N64, I'd recommend Super Mario 64 (that game made my childhood) or Banjo-Kazooie.
I had an SNES when I was growing up; Kirby Super Star was by far my favorite. (Dyna Blade, fuck yeah!) I also had some sort of Mario game, something about Seven Stars or Seven Swords... never got that far. I know there were a lot more I had that would be alright for a kid that age, but those two are the ones that really stuck.


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Grab an NES, play the original Mario. :3

My sister at that age loved Super Monkey Ball, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and games like that on the Gamecube.


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Awww, man, now I've got a nostalgia boner. ;A;


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When my sister was young, she watched me play Manhunt in the dark. She was unfazed by it.

Tiger In A Tie

Say what now?
Ahh, I have Super Mario bros 1 and Super Mario bros 3 on the Wii, I'm gonna have to see if he likes those.

And I have Super Mario 64 and both of the Banjo-Kazooie games for N64, and I loved all of them. I think Mario 64 will be great for him. I have Mario kart Wii but I'm not sure he could do that one, but I could try the N64 version. Pikmin sounds good, too, I'll have to see if I can pick it up at Gamestop sometime.

Thanks for the feedback, guys, it's really awesome c:

Also I used to have fun watching my dad play DOOM when I was like...4. I was always entertained by it. :p

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can't go wrong with any of the a-list or b-list nintendo games.
For non nintendo you could possibly play kingdom hearts if you want to try a rpg.
Also Sims is a good simple game for funsies.

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Portal 1.


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Am I the only one who LOVES to play as Bowser/Koopa in the Mario Kart and SSB games?


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Homebrew your Wii. Now play NES games (presumably that you own) on it.

8-bit era = Best era for kids. I cannot imagine growing up with Halo or really anything 3D, especially given the level of (potentially mature) content in most games nowadays. 8-bit games you can just load up and start playing. Also, the better Final Fantasy games happened during the 8-bit (and 16-bit) era.


I mainly suggest Super Smash Bros. series. That game is super fun for all ages, and I'm pretty sure your nephew will understand the game.


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When I was five I lived on a diet of Need For Speed (NFS 3 and 4) and Battlezone (The activision one, not the atari one). I have never regretted the hours I spent every day doing that. F**k yes.

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Dead Space extraction for Wii.


Games like Doom and Quake were my first games. I couldn't stand the kiddy E-rated shit.


lol guise does this make me HARDCORE or what =)
It makes you awesome, that's what it does. My whole world back then was built on FPS games like Doom, Quake II, Unreal, and the like. They're still far superior to most FPS games I've played.