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Games that could have been...


Today I was bored looking through my Steam library trying desperately to want to play something. I came across a couple titles that were cancelled and with the recent PT thread thought it might be neat to find out what other titles we're bummed didn't make it.

What are some titles that were in development, but for some reason were cancelled and you wish had made it?
What did you like about them?
What do you think (or know) made them fail?

I've got a smol list:
Paragon - It was a unique spin on the MOBA genre. First person and more newb friendly. Personally, I think the cards system ruined this one. Locking key stats or abilities behind RNG in a competitive game is not good. If I remember right they changed the system some later on so that it wasn't all RNG, you could earn the cards, but it was still locking key things that made a big difference to your hero behind progression which just doesn't fly in a genre like that. I only played bot matches really, but I did really enjoy the feel of the game and there were a few heroes I found quite fun to play.
Dawngate - Another MOBA. This one I was able to take to right away, which is very rare. There was a character in it that was a skillshot character, but for some reason I was very good at hitting with his skills. I'm unsure why it was cancelled, but I think it was simply due to lack of interest. Nothing really made it special to be honest.
The Dead Linger - Survival, back when zombie survival games were all the rage. It had interesting ideas on how to do the typical things. One of it's major draws, I want to say it procedural generation, was deemed impossible and dropped. The community raged, many quit, the game got a bad rep (for other reasons too), then not too long after it was flat out cancelled.
Atajrubah - Another survival, but in a very different setting. This one is Arabian inspired. It was just one dude working on it entirely by himself and he seems to have vanished. He deserves some credit though because he did offer people refunds. I got my key for free from him though, so I lost nothing either way. I think the ideas and overall concept he had were really neat though and no one has done an Arabian style survival (yet).
Sang-Froid (part 2) - It's a strategy first person defense horror sort of deal, not sure what you'd call it exactly. The first one was super cool. I paid for it originally, but now it's free. I was pretty excited when they announced they were working on the 2nd one. That was like 4 years ago now and nothing has been heard from them since, so I assume the game isn't going to happen anymore... Hopefully they're just working on it in silence.
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Ones that come to mind are X-Com: Alliance and Prey 2.