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Games that you played way too much, dropped, and have now come back to?


Just a fox.
Oh, I forgot about Ark. Stupid dinosaur game... I start out playing, crafting, making everything from scratch.. Then I start getting lazy and craft with cheats. Then start force taming, because who has the time? Then I build my castle and house all the pretty dinosaurs I've collected. Then I get bored and stop playing. Then they come out with a new map..... And the cycle begins anew.
i used to play a lot of skyrim years ago because i like the whole northern europe aesthetic but it got to the point where i had done it all.
then when the lockdown happen and i was stuck indoors i got back into it.


Friendly Funky Skunky
Pet Racer, Zoo Tycoon 2, Jurassic Park Operaton Genesis and Spore!!

Those are my favorite games of all the time
(I'm retaking them but I'm still playing irregularly)

First and the one I'm retaking (one session but still)
I used to play it all the time finishing all the races and circuits.
I never got to see the real "ending" because when I defeated the lion the game always crashed and resetted everything ;w;

ZT2: I have always loved this game and the sandbox possibilities it offers!
Just as JP:OG I did a lot of thematic parks and did do maany of the campaigns/missions adn became really good but one day I stopped playing them for some reason and/or because I did enter In a same things scenario
But I'm playing them again once again!
(My dinosaur sniper mission skills hasn't menguated! Hehe)

And about spore...
The same haha
I did make a lot of worlds (not in galactic adventures sadly) and surpassed the game a lot of times!

I'm lately (a few months intermitently) playing into a several days streak, doing a lot of space stuff in the game and I'm having a lot of fun! :3