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Games that you played way too much, dropped, and have now come back to?


Just a fox.
Oh, I forgot about Ark. Stupid dinosaur game... I start out playing, crafting, making everything from scratch.. Then I start getting lazy and craft with cheats. Then start force taming, because who has the time? Then I build my castle and house all the pretty dinosaurs I've collected. Then I get bored and stop playing. Then they come out with a new map..... And the cycle begins anew.

Adrian Gordon

Active Member
i used to play a lot of skyrim years ago because i like the whole northern europe aesthetic but it got to the point where i had done it all.
then when the lockdown happen and i was stuck indoors i got back into it.


Friendly Maned Wolf + Phoenix
Pet Racer, Zoo Tycoon 2, Jurassic Park Operaton Genesis and Spore!!

Those are my favorite games of all the time
(I'm retaking them but I'm still playing irregularly)

First and the one I'm retaking (one session but still)
I used to play it all the time finishing all the races and circuits.
I never got to see the real "ending" because when I defeated the lion the game always crashed and resetted everything ;w;

ZT2: I have always loved this game and the sandbox possibilities it offers!
Just as JP:OG I did a lot of thematic parks and did do maany of the campaigns/missions adn became really good but one day I stopped playing them for some reason and/or because I did enter In a same things scenario
But I'm playing them again once again!
(My dinosaur sniper mission skills hasn't menguated! Hehe)

And about spore...
The same haha
I did make a lot of worlds (not in galactic adventures sadly) and surpassed the game a lot of times!

I'm lately (a few months intermitently) playing into a several days streak, doing a lot of space stuff in the game and I'm having a lot of fun! :3


Sneaky rainforest kitty
Mass Effect.

The remaster just dropped on PC. As it seems with every major PC release the hordes have come out of hiding to bitch about something minor but I've had exactly zero issues.

It looks gorgeous, the gameplay improvements are fantastic, it runs great. It's everything I hoped it would be. I'm hooked again.


So um, I'm a bear.
People have mentioned the lockdown/shutdown restarting obsessions, it definitely happened to me. I replayed a lot of my old favorites. I burned through the old Tomb Raider games (TRI and TRII, just started TRIII). And played through most of the Resident Evil series: RE, RE2, RE3, RE4, REmake, REmake2, REmake3, 7, and now Village. Woof.

One that I'm currently fiddling with is Animal Crossing. Played that A LOT when it first came out, then got burned out and put it aside for awhile. Now that I have my own Switch Lite (and don't have to bug my wife for her Switch), I started my own island and am deeply involved all over again. The beginning where you're getting everything started is just so engaging for some reason. :3


Werewolf a Tophat
Team Fortress 2
It was one of the first games I spent 1000+ hours in.

I did tried to comeback but there is a bot invasion going on.


So um, I'm a bear.
Team Fortress 2
It was one of the first games I spent 1000+ hours in.

I did tried to comeback but there is a bot invasion going on.
Yeah dude, I played that A LOT in college, then kind of tapered off and moved on to other stuff. Recently gave it a whirl and DAMN the bots are out of control! They're not terrible on community servers, but any kind of matchmaking is just overwhelmed with them. @w@


Werewolf a Tophat
I see sonic 1 , 2 and CD get the widescreen ports.
But they still leave sonic 3 in the dust.


Ever Caring Dragon Uncle
TF2 I picked up again this year after dropping it for a while.

Mass Effect cuz the Legendary Edition.

Destiny 2 I’ve been playing since it came to Steam after dropping it in 2017.
Got obsessed with Guild Wars 2 eariler in the year and played A LOT. Kinda burned myself out for a bit, which is not unusual for me playing one game for long. The vibe is callin me back now though. Theres somethin comfy about mmos thats really attractive to me ig.

Firuthi Dragovic

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As I suspected, Warframe did become this.

Turns out, when playing online games, I do a LOT better playing with randoms than with a dedicated group. I don't feel pigeonholed, which happened a lot with online games in the past when I had a dedicated group.

I really think that group was just toxic.

I have so much to catch up on doing with this game. (To give you an idea how long I'd been gone, they had just released Orb Vallis when I left.)


Friendly Maned Wolf + Phoenix
Ugh, I only have these childhood games that I keep coming back to cuz I was so invested in them before, they won’t leave! xD

sometimes go back to games like: Maplestory, Wizard101, Toontown, Dragon Nest, Combat Arms, Roblox, etc. Though I typically don’t stay around for long, at least not as long as when I was a kid. Recently jumped back into Toontown and it’s not that bad, might go in for a bit longer maybe. Thinking bout playing Maple again just for the lolz but will probably drop. Was playing League of Legends a lot a few months back and dropped it cuz of friend issues. Sometimes jump into Valorant just to play with my younger bro, but that’s it. Now that I mention it, might jump back into League soon. Hmmm...
Ooh that's amazing!!
And you have a younger brother?? Cool!!

Many of these games I haven't heard them mentioned before!
Except for roblox hehe

(I'm even more convinced that I'm the only single child here lol)


Skyrim. Every. Damn. Time.


Any Warhammer game, in fact it's a tactic of mine to wait for dlc and mp then come back to play them on a binge because you know they're going to be fully patched and updated further down the line. Dawn of War was like this too.

Plus any turn based warhammer game.


philosophy & psychology nerd
rimworld. once or twice a year i enter this phase where i play nothing but rimworld for a good 1-3 months then drop it until i need my next fix.

and honestly that's just how i play games in general. i don't really play several games at once. i just play one to death until i get tired of it and move on to the next, whether a new game or an old favorite in my cycle.

theres also this relationship between me and the master chief collection where i just routinely play through one of the halo campaigns in one sitting at random. sometimes on legendary. if theres one game or collection of games i've legitimately considered speedrunning, it's the halo games....and l4d2...and literally any other game i find 1 skip in on accident then practice it for the rest of the day and then completely forget about it the next day.


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i used to play a lot of skyrim years ago because i like the whole northern europe aesthetic but it got to the point where i had done it all.
then when the lockdown happen and i was stuck indoors i got back into it.
I KNEW I'd find someone who mentioned Skyrim!
I'm the same, but damn if they don't keep coming-out with new mods to entice me back!
Hands down, the best of 'em by far has been 'Inigo', the Khajiit side-kick. The fact his Creator has worked for so long on this passion is clear when you first engage in conversation, and then adventure along with this blue-hued felidae!
'Bruma' is a notable 2nd mention, simply for bringing in new territory to explore and stories to pursue.
I REALLY wish Bethesda had kept a dedicated group who did nothing but build on the world of Skyrim, so (along with all the people who make Mods!), we Players could enjoy exploring the entire world. ESO is o.k. far as it goes, but I discovered I do not like the MMO element(s) nearly as much as solo'ing with a few NPC's.
rimworld. once or twice a year i enter this phase where i play nothing but rimworld for a good 1-3 months then drop it until i need my next fix.
I usually try to beat the game over the course of a few months and stop playing for a while. Rimworld is an easy game to get sucked into


Hyena-Addicted Antelope
Warframe. My interest in it waxes and wanes randomly. But overall I play it in a very laid-back way, ignoring the grind-y parts and just taking it as if it was an arcade shooter brought to 3D.

I also love to revisit the games of my childhood, the mid-90s shooters. But with modernized engines, so that they can be run hassle-free and with improvements. Doom, Heretic, Hexen on gzdoom. Duke Nukem, Redneck Rampage and Blood on BuildGDX engine (infernally difficult to find on Google because of the non-descript, generic name; I was long searching for something like this but stumbled upon it only last year by accident!). And Quake with modernized textures on Darkplaces engine, it's quite a sight to behold what the modern rendering can do with this 25 years old title.

A honorary mention should also go to STALKER: Call of Pripyat, which I got modded heavily to appear next-gen-ish. I remember I was insanely fascinated with this game series when it first came out, so much I couldn't sleep at night!


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ark every damn time someone invites me to it so I have now spent 115 hours on it the past 2 weeks and got lots of people just asking me where I have been and why I havent streamed:p


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World of Warcraft, when I started to get burnt out I would just PvP and work on the Loremaster achievement then stop till a new ex pack released. It's pretty much rinse and repeat till Classic came out to give that a try but I ended up stopping again till TBC and now I'm back. So, yeah, you don't quit WoW you just take long breaks lol

Ratt Carry

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I played PSO2 for like 7 years but dropped it for a year because they did some dumb shit. Then they reversed it, made the best class in MMO history, and I reinstalled it.

I made my character the most furbait anthro thot ever.
Life good.