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Games You'd Like to See Remade/Remastered


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Never thought I'd agree with you but hell yeah H3 ODST! And what else would be good games to remaster... Oh I know the original Spyro trilogy. That would be awesome. As long as they don't make it fucking Skylander Spyro. *gags*

Im honestly shocked they remastered the Crash Bandicoot series but not the sweet pickle that Spyro helped forge game wise. I payed it as a kid briefly but sadly I think Sony has sold out to give up more Skylander dandruff rather than homeschool memories for an easy buck.


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Would love a remake of Mischief Makers.

That game is so weird and fun. What other game can you play as a robot maid riding a cat, riding a missile, fighting a furry wolf sentai and his battle robot.


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E.T. for the Atari 2600, almost as good as Zelda Faces of Evil but the music isn't as good, so get on that Atari, don't you want to 1 up Nintendo?
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The original Spyro triology needs to be remastered.
Final Fantasy 6. It's great that we are getting FF7 remake but seeing the world of 6 that we've only seen in pixels re-imagined would be amazing combined with a remastered soundtrack. Also with the large number of Espers in the game the summons would actually be meaningful more so than in FF15.

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BattleZone 2. A strategic FPS crossed with RTS, absolute perfection. I would love to see it given a sequel or remade as it's been nearly 18 years since the last real BattleZone game. It suffers the same fate as Half-Life.


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Im honestly shocked they remastered the Crash Bandicoot series but not the sweet pickle that Spyro helped forge game wise.
Actually ... rumors of a Spyro trilogy remaster are intensifying lately. You can't believe leaks and rumors, but Activision saw how successful the Crash remaster is and they must be aware that the original Spyro is regarded just as highly. (Now if this means no more loading screens for the Spyro 3 cutscenes...)


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I could say hundreds haha. The Spyro trilogy, Medievil, Jade Cocoon or even something like Silent Hill 4.


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Dungeon Keeper 2
C&C: Red Alert
C&C: Renegade
Dune 2000
Emperor: Battle For Dune
C&C: Generals
Microsoft Urban Assault
Battlezone II
Diablo II
Metal Fatigue(In some countries, Metal Conflict)


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And not some crappy mobile game fouling up the brand name with paywall-unlocking microtransactions, right.
I want a remake.

War for the Overworld is very similar, but is too different a game.

I miss Richard Ridings. His voice as the Mentor was just absolutely awesome. <3