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Games You'd Like to See Remade/Remastered


Whitest guy you know.
Resident Evil Outbreak Files 1 and 2.

Game was way ahead of its bloody time, online 4 player survival coop with varying game-play n scenarios while still managing the classic survival horror factor.


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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

I want an open world Star Wars game that is singleplayer focused that takes place in the criminal underworld where you play as Jango Fett before he began developing the Clone Army.

Too bad a similar concept was ditched by EA :/


The Iron Masked Cat in the FAF
Please oh please let there be a Nier remaster. That game deserves a 2nd time in the limelight. New fans from Automata would get to see how Automata came about, and I think a lot of people might appreciate Nier's story and characters more than Automata.

Also a Xenosaga HD Collection would be lovely. Those games are too expensive to go chasing down once more. Bamco pls


Whitest guy you know.
Resident Evil Outbreak Files 1 and 2.
It was WAY too ahead of its time, if it were released today it'd be absolutely perfect to play online with friends or strangers.

Judge Spear

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I'd love to see StarFox Zero get remade into an actual functioning video game that real humans can play. Preferably with no input from people who think it's still 2007 and that motion controls are still cool or desirable features.


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New Vegas updated with the complete scope of content that was originally planned, better character graphics/animations and an expanded map would be mighty fun. I'd also like to see the same for other older classics like Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2.