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Gaming letdowns (that actually seemed promissing)




-ALMOST EVERYTHING in that stage of the game worked against you
--The Uber Turret does not function as well as it would if you were away from the planet you deployed it on as it would if you were to still 'assist' it.
--If an alliance is slipping, it means you'll go to war with them eventually
--The 'attack another Empire' button and the 'Break Alliance' buttons sometimes switch places in the diplomacy menu.
--The diplomacy menu can only be accessed by crawling to a respective planet's orbit even though all of your enemies and allies can contact you at any time, from any distance
--Nobody knows what the Loyalty Booster and Happiness Boosters actually do, nor the difference between them
--You can purchase planets you trade with
--The Grox are impossibly tedious to defeat
--------It unveils an incredible oxymoron: It both UPSETS and ENTHUSES the Grox

There's an achievement for defeating the Grox, but the way to do it is so risky and time consuming and unrewarding-feeling that it feels like never-ending factory work. You cultivate planets. You slap seeds on them. You use up your 42 shots of planet-cultivating power, you still have about 800+ more Grox worlds to go now. You help nuture those budding empires up to LEVEL 5 by telling them to attack Grox worlds and holding their hand so they can do it. You then leave them alone for the most part and continue attacking Grox worlds. Hopefully the AI handling their Lv 5 empire will push for them to occupy new worlds. Sometimes when you tell them to invade a grox world, especially one with only one occupied planet, they can handle it themselves, but after an hour of this, I zoomed out to study my progress after working up several empires into a coalition across one arm of the galaxy in an all out war on the Grox to see that I had barely pushed toward the Galactic core. At that point I told my friend that the game he'd purchased sucked and explained in great detail why. All he could do was smile uneasily and shrug and say 'well I paid for it so I have to find the good in it somewhere."

But as a creative outlet, it can be a very fun toy to play with, but if that is all you're getting it for, then why not spend the money on a 3D modeller, Second Life, or Play-doh instead? They even removed the part of the game where things like spinal construction and leg arrangements would make a difference in running speed or other aspects of a creature's performance. Instead, you can make anything and it will be successful. You can distill any creature down to the attachments it uses because the position doesn't matter either.

At the game's core, it's really just a bunch of other games that are stripped down with a re-skinning tool for each stage. The most interesting part was the creature stage because there were a lot of elements in it that came out where you could outsmart the challenges set before you, like using a low level stealth to pull out single strong beasts and then mob them one at a time as a group. So that was fun and I enjoyed the sense of progression that definitely did not exist in the endgame space stage, which was supposed to be the finale. Also of note: Everything for purchase in the universe costs a lot more for your Empire to produce than any other's. That should be correctable if you.. say.. industrialize your worlds with spice containers and such.

Pac-Man (actually it's more like close-combat Asteroids)
Any MMOrpg
A RTS/RPG hybrid
RTS game
Huge, Unforgiving Hybrid GRIND;I mean game

M. LeRenard

Is not French
I have to wonder if Rilvor and I are the only ones who liked it and think the next star fox game should have the Evil Gypsy Shopkeeper as its villain.
Yeah, totally! If only because I'd like to see more of him. He was the most interesting character in that whole game. Mostly because... I mean, I don't know why. He's just totally bizarre and seems completely out of place. Like, is he a ghost, or part snake, or what?


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No, Calling you a bad person would be a nice thing to you.

We haven't even met and I already don't like you. =/

It was barely like Zelda at all, the combat was NOTHING like Zelda, the story had very VERY little in common, and the game overall was completely different.

Ha ha... yes.
No, but seriously... SF Adventures started out promising (I loved the beginning parts where Fox was a sarcastic bastard about everything; that alone made it entertaining), but I think somewhere around the time you do that first bike race bit you slip into the Land of Incredible Lameness, and you never get out again. It felt like they really rushed it (and, actually, I think they did); like, those Arwing sequences? Pointless beyond compare; only in there to make you remember you're playing Star Fox and not some two-bit quasi-puzzle-based platformer by Rare. And the 'twist' ending? Shoot me in the face. That was totally unnecessary. You know, I even went back through the game to see if I could figure out what, exactly, happens to General Scales, and I couldn't do it. It doesn't make any sense. He just, like, falls over and gives you a Krozoa Spirit, and you're left sitting there going, "Wait... what the crap just happened?"
So yeah.... that one was also disappointing. Could have been way better had they actually spent some time thinking about things, but they didn't. And if they'd have made Tricky a little less irritating and retarded. That also would have helped things a lot. Or if you could get him to throw himself into a pit of lava by chucking his ball in there. Any number of things, really.

Yeah, they probably could of explained the general scales thing a bit more, but I thought it was kinda obvious the spirit was keeping him alive. Why he needed it though I dunno.
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Calamity in Heaven
Why do people keep comparing it to Zelda when a Banjo-Kazooie comparison would be much more appropriate? If people want to try and dismiss something so easily, the least they can do is do it RIGHT...

M. LeRenard

Is not French
Why do people keep comparing it to Zelda when a Banjo-Kazooie comparison would be much more appropriate? If people want to try and dismiss something so easily, the least they can do is do it RIGHT...
Because Banjo-Kazooie is a platformer. You know... jumping around, climbing things, nifty little items you can get for a temporary time that let you fly, whatever. SF Adventures didn't have jumping except on ledges, and the gameplay was mostly centered around puzzle solving, with the occasional boss fight (as well as obtaining various 'items', or in this case staff powers, that you need to solve certain puzzles or progress). AKA, essentially the same thing as any 3D Zelda game, at least so far as mechanics are concerned.


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Yeah, totally! If only because I'd like to see more of him. He was the most interesting character in that whole game. Mostly because... I mean, I don't know why. He's just totally bizarre and seems completely out of place. Like, is he a ghost, or part snake, or what?

Wait...is that shopkeeper a HE?! O.O

I thought the shopkeeper was a really evil woman.

I liked that guy, but evil villain? If he were, why would he let you haggle?

Doesn't mean s/he can't make you haggle FOR YOUR LIFE.
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Star Fox Assault: C'mon, every other "classic/normal" Star Fox game had multiple paths...

Star Fox Command: Shit controls, shit music, shit story lines... I won't go on

Unreal Tournament 3: Maybe it's just me and my starting to age comp but all the graphics are like a giant clusterfuck of pixels that's nearly impossible to distinguish one group of pixels from another.

Halo: I expected much greater things from it, but it was just cookie cutter in just about every way.

Quake 4: Again not really a BAD game but... instead of going back to the olden days of FPS's where you had NO HELP, no npc allies or nothing but a bit of text telling you where to go you were basically led through the entire game by someone... and my god could they have announced the "ZOMG SUPER STORY TWIST!!!" any freaking more?

Enemy Territory Quake Wars: Needed more strogg assault levels, and more slipgate stuff, and LESS BALANCE! Christ... I think an invading alien force wouldn't have weapons and equipment that has a human equivalent... also I'd say more but I really just played it offline by myself...

Geist: FPS where you're a ghost... needed better controls, and the storyline kinda blew.
Freelancer. Amazing game-in-work turned into a rush job with a sloppy storyline and a lack of customizability that was originally gonna be in it, I believe... Still great fun in multi-player though, especially when wars are started, hehe.

As someone else state earlier, all the sonic games after S3&K. Sonic originally had black eyes, not green, and Super Sonic had green, not red.

Advance Wars! It's like a horribly slow Shining Force with no real story, if you ask me.

Runescape. I shouldn't even have to mention it, but it was a letdown even with the already impressively-low expectations I had for it.

Sidenote: All this old talk of Cloud being emo... Why isn't anyone talking of the FF Angst-god Squall?

EDIT: Every game that was simply a port and not an actual remake/graphical update... Especially Chrono Trigger DS. Even if it's not out yet.
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