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Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-


Chum bucket with the u
Sony trinitron kv-27fs100 thats pending a rgb scart mod
And a snes

Who needs a highspec pc to enjoy games

Deleted member 160939

My specs are

16 GB of ram
MSI 760 GMA-P34 (MSI 7641)
Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB GPU that is overclocked


i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz
1080p display (main) + 720p laptop display (secondary)
standard cheap office peripherals
and most importantly, a very good chair :)

Seeing the 2006 "godly" pc specs made me chuckle :p


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Latest addition to the collection:
CPU: Intel 486DX2, 66MHz
RAM: 24 MB
GPU: Number Nine GXE VL 2MB
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster 16
HDD: 500 MB SCSI hard drive

OS: MS-DOS 6.23, Windows for Workgroups 3.11

Perfect for Doom :D


Current build
Thermaltake p6 case
Rog z690 maximus hero EVANGELION edition
EKWB Momentum2 monocooling block for motherboard
intel i9 12900ks
128gb Corsair dominator DDR5
One Corsair 360 radiator thin
One Corsair 360 radiator thick
One Corsair 120 radiator thin
9 Corsair LL120 Fans
Corsair comander pro coontroller
Corsair commander Core xt controller
1 EKWB 120 flt distro block with DDC pump
1 EKWB 240 flt distro block with DDC pump
EVGA 1300 watt power supply
3 1 terbyte SSD drives (Raid configured)
1 1terabyte ssd for operating system
Good ol' 2080 super graphics card with a EKWB liquid cooling jacket (Waiting on 4090 issues to resolve.)

NEVER use PETG tubing. Ask me how I know lmao

Backup rig is a ROG G14 zephyrus


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I'll respond here too cuz mine is a bit interesting.

I use an older Dell workstation laptop. Probably made 'round 2012 ish. Dell Precision M4600 for those curious.
Intel Core i7-2820QM (@ 2.30 GHz I think)
Nvidia Quadro 2000M 2GB VRAM
8GB RAM, but i may upgrade it to 16 or 32 eventually
Bluetooth card on the way!

I've got it on a dock hooked up to:
A Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker via AUX, quite good for the price
Xbox One controller
And two monitors, one shows its age by being a square-ish Gateway monitor, the other is a Dell, and it has a more "modern" look. Both hooked up via DVI. My Gateway has a VGA going to my desktop that's just used as a HDD hub.
Speaking of, eventually I'll get a HDD hub to have extra storage, looking to use the eSATA port i have available too!
And ofc a Dell keyboard---a lotta my stuff is a hand-me-down.
And a wireless mouse since i don't have a wired one. Will get it eventually. Even got an o l d Road Runner "High Speed Online" mousepad lol. Told ya it's a hand-me-down.

It runs the games i want to play the most, and well enough that i can play them. Also runs Fusion360 well enough that I can use it. Eventually I might get a desktop with "the best" stuff, but I love this laptop. Especially how this has the older style of dock, and that it even can take a dock, since that means I can be portable without unplugging a million things. It's got a million different ports, and even ExpressCard which I could take advantage of eventually.

I also like that era for computers. Sure they aren't as powerful as modern day but they still have a use! And you can get em for cheap, this one was USD$125 on FB marketplace. Dock was an extra forty and well worth it.