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Gaming moments that make you go "whoa"


What, during gaming sesisons, made you say almost anything in surprise, out loud.

I'm going with two of them:
Bioshock: during the first part of the game, I snuck up behind a crying splicer, and proceeded to get a sound beating as it flew at me screaming at the last second. Height in the air: 3 feet

Call of DUty 4: Pretty much anything here, but mostly during


When Zachaeve's son kills himself. And the nuclear explosion that was pretty cool.

Feel free to add your own experiences and laugh at other's.


There were a bunch of holy crap moments in CoD 4.

The half life games had a bunch of great moments too.

I can't really think of any one huge wtf moment off the top of my head though.


Thousands, nay - Millions of Spoilers:

Mannequin room, Silent Hill 3.
Ghosts of Priests after "Kemono Lady" in Fatal Frame 2.
Metal Gear Solid: "you like Castlevania, don't you??" and "put the controller on the ground..." and *Ocelot turns around* "...and don't even think about using a rapid-fire button, I'll know." Of course, the whole Psycho Mantis battle is pretty "whoa."
Metal Gear Solid Integral: the detective missions in VR.
Metal Gear Solid 2: being an idiot and punching gourds, only to have a soldier piece together that I was in the box next to them.
Metal Gear Solid 3: The End battle, The Sorrow "battle," THE-TRAGEDY-OF-BIG-BOSS-VISION
Entire MGS series: ...and then followed by a "WAIT..." then followed by a "DUHHHHH."
Chrono Trigger: HOW DID THEY KNOW? What kind of asshole leaves his lunch out like that? Especially seeing as how I basically go back to the festival solely to eat it. Well-played, game, well-played.
Wind Waker: first time Hyrule scene.
Deus Ex: Paris interior and exterior explorin gamez.


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When they announced Yoda and Darth Vader as playable characters in Soul Calibur 4.


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While playing Halo 3 in multi team i killed all 3 teams with in 15 sec.. greatest moment i ever had in any games.


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shot some guy 4 times in the head with the sniper rifle on halo 3, that made me shout WTF out loud.
when he didnt die

Shadow Wolf

Room 205 on Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, only one I can really think of


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consumer testing for destroy all humans 3. there was a point where i was tilting the camera and the guy i was supposed to be interacting with was suddenly right there.. startled the hell out of me.


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A shit-ton of things in Mass Effect. <spoilers> Especially towards the end, like when you drive down to the last mass relay, or when Sovereign attacks the Citadel, or when the alliance blows the shit out of Sovereign, and a ton of other things. </spoilers>

Damn, what a great game.


Setting funds to 9500 per allied base on Advance Wars DS, using Colin's Power of Money with 999,999 G and destroying Megatanks with infantry machine guns.

Mass Effect, that part where you run into that AI computer protecting the money being channeled through the casino in the Citadel and you have to defuse the bomb. At first I just tried running away and got blown the fuck up.


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It's a spoiler, but for a game that I doubt too many care about, so...

In FE:RD Lekain once managed to inflict Silence on Micaiah... MICAIAH! The one unit with the highest magical resistance in the game!


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In Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones, Lyon once scored a critcal hit on Artur. o_O


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The only WHOA moments in Shadow of the Colossus was "WHOA where the **** is that Camera going? I WANT YOU TO GO OVER THERE DAMMIT!" Well and that one in the lake.


WHOA moment for me: knocking down my first building in Mercenaries. The actual words out of my mouth were "Bitchin', man!"


Mine aren't killer, but they definately cool gaming moments in my eyes.

All of Assassin's Creed made me say whoa. I love that game.
In Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, at the end of the game, when martin turns into the Avatar of Akatosh and fights Mehrunes Dagon. I love that scene. Love that whole game lol

The opening scene to the fight with Quadraxis in Metroid Prime 2: Echos


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fallout 2, blowing up an outhouse and covering an entire town in shit all in order to get a senile old man's pocket watch back.

no one lives forever 2: the chase scene where you(cate archer super spy) are hunting down a midget mime on a unicycle on your own trycicle with a burly drunken scotsman at the peddles and you standing on the back as the "gunner" in the middle of some indian city.

baldur's gate 2: having your soul literally stolen yet you retain your personality and continue to live. even though you should be at least reduced to "zombie" status....

thief 3: the evil bitch who basically mastered all there is to glyphs(the keepers form of magic in the serries), anything involving her is wtf. especially the cutscene where she sheds her literally stolen skin and starts slaying keepers.

bioshock: the nice plot twist where you discover you are just a weapon created by atlas. "would you kindly" simply is the key to your heart aparently...(rest of the game didnt deserve to be even related to system shock though).

these were just off the top of my head. more will come, after all ive played more games then anyone should....


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Digitalpotato said:
The only WHOA moments in Shadow of the Colossus was "WHOA where the **** is that Camera going? I WANT YOU TO GO OVER THERE DAMMIT!" Well and that one in the lake.

i thought it featured quite a few whoah worthy moments. like "whats he doing pulling his pillar arm back like tha- WHOOOAAH RUN AWAY"


"OH SHI-"/heart-attack moments (spoilers):
The nuclear bomb explosion and ensuing death-crawl in Call of Duty 4.

In Halo 3 campaign, when Miranda Keyes dies, and again when Sgt. Johnson dies. GODDAMMIT.

Jaw-drop moments:
Watching the Halo 3 announcement trailer, when it was first released; small jaw-drop when the crater and forerunner structure were revealed; major jaw-drop moment when the thing flashed white then faded to black and Cortana said "This is the way the world ends." OH SNAP.

Playing Halo 3 campaign: minor jaw-drop moment when the flood-infected CCS-class Covie cruiser popped out of slipspace and crashed; major jaw-drop moment when you first see the Ark itself, and the sheer size of the thing clicks in your head; major jaw-drop moment when you learn that Installation 04 is being rebuilt. GODDAMMIT.


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Because they go for so long?


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Fighting Ragnaros for the first time

Seeing Outland for the first time

OMFG FEL REAVER *screams in terror*

The flood teaming up with you in Halo 3 campaign

Anytime you get shot with a spartan laser out of nowhere

C'thun crits you for 5432834 Nature Damage (wtf....)

Regenerators in RE4


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See Eli get killed by the advisor in Half Life 2.

Mass Effect
The geth fleet and sovereign popping out and butchering the council fleet.

THE Human fleet coming out and going to town on Sovereign.

The Ascension going BOOM! I was surprised and glad. Damn council should've listened to me...

On Illos when the Normandy made an impossible drop! That was sweeet!

And gears of war when the chopper crashed.
I was playing a CoD4 tournament and had a guy get a head shot on me across the map on Backlot with a Deagle while in last stand. It was Epic.