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Gay Thread

Who’s the best dressed gayo

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Cat With A Guitar
When did you guys come out as gay, if you have?
I recognize this was posted a few pages ago but I figured I'd answer

I came out to my friends in like, March 2018 via a Discord group. I forgot what we were talking about that gave me the urge to say it.

As for my family finding out? Not the best way. My mom found out by stalking my old Google+ account and seeing me mention being a lesbian (I thought I was gay at the time, since then I've realized I'm actually bi). She then proceeded to tell my dad and aunt, the latter of which I was living with at the time and let's just say the conversation wasn't pleasant. My mom also called me right after, a crying mess, and asking me why I was gay and why I had to be attracted to girls because gays are icky and she didn't want her daughter to be gay. My dad's even more homophobic than she was but surprisingly, he didn't care all that much.

That of course, was the day I realized just how homophobic people in Florida tend to be.


Totally being sane and metaphysical rn
Pretty dam good. I got telegram and I'm having a good time. My boyfriend is no longer sad. And! I got to compete. In a shooting competition in 3 days.
Oh wow that's cool! I'm proud of you :3 I went running today with my mom. We almost stole a man's car tho so that was exciting and embarrassing :p


Totally being sane and metaphysical rn
How and why?
Well *puts hand behind head* hehe, well we thought it was our car cuz it looked the same and i almost went inside his car until i realized this is not our car and we were a bit tired from running as well so we didn't really pay attention so yeh hehe

A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
I think you need to talk to Joni. Am no sure. I don't know how telegram works.
Yeah. He'll be asleep now. It's just gone 0400hrs there. I'm sure he'll see my message :D