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Gay Thread

Who’s the best dressed gayo

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Deleted member 82554

*pukes gay*


Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
And you are welcome Smexy. I have more descriptions for gay if you want>:3
I await eagerly.

Alright, little thing off the chest so let me tell you more. Constantly trying to 'convert' me to gayness and getting jealous when I spend time with friends as if I was in relationship with him.

You see, I would not mind that but being called kitty all the time (ALL ths time) pretending to have sex with me and more kinda overflows sometimes.
He is my good friend and I do not mind him venting or crying to me (that's what friends are for) but hearing from another male about having sex with me and being clingy like overly attached gf constantly freaks me out like spiders.

I am here to support him of course, give an advice and yes hug as well but as we all know some limitations should be kept in mind.

It is not vent, just telling you how it looks like to me.
I like to make jokes of pretending that I'm going to convert someone into a "gay furry", although to be honest I don't really care; but if someone tells me to stop then I'll at least respect that and I'd hope other peeps do tbh.
I'm sure some peeps know of me saying things like "I'ma make you gay." especially/mostly with bisexual peeps since it's fun to joke of "Man, you're making me gayer by the day." kind of stuff.

But I do agree, telling someone you want to have sex with them and they're straight is possibly the most worst thing to hear unironically.
Like c'mon, I don't think anybody wants to know/hear that you wanna do stuff like that to 'em.


Cat With A Guitar
Hey little personal question but something to keep the gay going:
Who else here had their straight male best friend as their first crush? <w>""
Well, I'm a wlw and she wasn't my first crush, but
I do have a crush on my straight female best friend ;w; And it's not exactly the most... pleasant experience.

Kylan Velpa

Cyan Gentle-fox
Well, I'm a wlw and she wasn't my first crush, but
I do have a crush on my straight female best friend ;w; And it's not exactly the most... pleasant experience.
<3 My heart goes out to you, I feel your pain X3


Your friendly neighbourhood disaster
So like, I might’ve almost died this morning... Don’t know how to feel about that.

Pseudo Stupidity

Active Member
Continuing my journey of being a bit of a man slut: I went to PAX this year and ended up meeting a shockingly hot guy who is also a competitive fighting game player, a thing that I also am (a competitive fighting game player, not shockingly hot), and we played video games and did gay shit for the rest of the trip. Now we play fighting gaymes online together.

Pseudo Stupidity

Active Member
It was my best PAX yet! And now we're making plans for next weekend, so maybe the key to finding a cool dude was to just do what I like and kind of fall into it.

Pseudo Stupidity

Active Member
Hey ya big dumb gays. I finally got a boyfriend, it's the super hot competitive fighting game guy. See you nerds at the Granblue Fantasy Versus tournaments, we'll be the ones at the top of the podium doing gay stuff.