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G'day~ :3


Hello, everyone. :3
I was referred to the site by a friend from school, but I don't actually know her username. XD

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. My name is Amanda and I'm just a general nerd who loves mythology, especially Egyptian and Japanese.

I'm a gamer/anime and manga fan among other things. :3
My aspiration is to become a Japanese translator.


Hey, Toxika, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it here.

Oh, you're from Arizona, too? Cool.


It's always nice to find more Arizonians. :3
Even if I am moving to another state soon. XP
Hello, nonetheless~

Adelio Altomar

Rat-Sized Superiority Complex
Oh, lol. I thought you were perhaps from Australia. In any case, welcome from the Outback!
The Texas Outback. :cool:


back'n up back'n up
Welcomes from Americas wang.


XD I knew people would think I was from Australia due to the title of my thread. I couldn't think of much else at the time, though. :B
Thanks for the warm welcomes~!


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Ohayou, welcome in FA, hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^

I prefer Greek Mythology to Egyptian's

Mr. Platypus

Mmm mmm good.
*waves webbed foot, hands you coffee*

A Japanese translator is a wonderful thing to aspire to be. I myself would just be happy to understand half the anime I watch as I know I'm losing a lot in the translation. Besides, I think I would appreciate the new Darker Than Black series that's coming out in October even more if I was able to understand it raw.If you ever get bored and want to teach a platypus how to curse in proper Japanese, I'm your critter! (I have this really weird thing about collecting curses and insults in other languages as you never know when they might come in handy.)

Beyond that, welcome to the forums Amanda, and do enjoy your stay.


Japanese Translator? That's pretty intense.


Where are you moving to? If you don't mind me asking? Somewhere where there is snow? XD