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G'day from NZ


Hi all!

I'm originally breed & born in Australia, and moved to NZ a year ago to be with my fiancée (we met on World of Warcraft). I decided to join up on the forums for my art mostly, and I do enjoy drawing the anthropomorphic aspect - it's certainly challenged my art style which I have really loved.

I am currently working on two coloring books for adults - one is non-furry related, and the other is an "adult" adult coloring book, which will be basic nudity but in the adult coloring book style.

Other than that, I hope to sell some of my artwork on the site, hang out, and just enjoy the super friendly atmosphere that I've seen here so far.



Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?
Welcome to the forums brah


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hi there and welcome! New Zealand sounds nice. I picture a pristine environment, kiwi fruits, and very nice white wine.

Hope ya have fun here, and that's a cool idea ya have, with the coloring book.


Your name describes how much you play/played WoW.

Sigh...wish I was a blood elf.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

haha yes, my favorite race in WoW is the Tauren, so much so I got a bit of a rep of loving Taurens, hence the name - not original, but yeah.

Thanks for all the lovely welcomes as well guys - such a lovely community!