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Gears 2


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I dont know what to say really, its coming! SO very very soon! The sequel to an awesome game upgraded with more features and hopefully no crazy crab walk glitches or anything like that. I rather like the CTF idea and Horde, the mounted weapons are going to be fun oh and Avalanche level <3 Probably going to the midnight launch, even though I was tempted to order the special Amazon.com edition with the life sized lancer model.


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I have the Lancer on order. UK ed so it comes in gold.

...Niccccccce~ Im tempted to get the gold plated in game lancer..but I think I got enough gold plated 'bling' weapons in Army of Two. Oh what a fun discovery that was.


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Unless they put something on this game to seperate people over 12 from those under 12 via xbox live servers, I'm not wasting my money. Or make it so you gotta be invited to servers if you're outside of each catagory.

They arent.. thats why you play with your buds and let them cry... cry and cry as you skull crush them with your sniper rifle -3-


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I cant wait to play it. It was sad how short the story was on the first one. And the multiplayer seemed very limited.


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I'll be getting it if it has a Gold trial over 48 hours. I'm stuck with Silver until Christmas, and I really want me some Xbox Live Gold.

If it doesn't, I'll be picking up Mirror's Edge if the reviews are good and skipping Gears 2 until Christmas.


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I look forward to playing it, but dunno if I'm going to get it right when it comes out. Is it out yet, also? o_O One of my friends is playing it on my Xbox Live friends list.

Its tomorrow (7th) .. that little bugger got a bootleg! *fist shake* We should play together mayhap.


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Ooooh, I wanna play too!

I'm getting my copy later today, midnight release and such.

If anyone wants to play some multiplayer or horde send me a FR! ^_^


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I gots it WHOO
And so far its epic as all hell
*edit* Beat it on Hardcore. Get this game. Its good. Its really good, it must be insane with Co op as well. Off to see if im able to do xbox live.
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