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gears of war tribute


Can't keep a good dog down
im not a super huge fan of gears of war, thought it was pretty lame at the beginning but then the story started getting really good...

one of my friends sent this to me and i wanted share since gears of war 3 is coming out soon.



Fresh Prince of FAF
OH they would end it with Carmines gruesome death, AND Maria.
Too pumped for Gears 3


Fresh Prince of FAF
hell yeah.... but this video just made me get goosebumps bro.. that part when he was charging them all and using someone as a human shield i was like "YEAHH!1!!!' so hardcore.
oh the rendezvous with death clip.

when Gears 2 was coming out, I thought it was the most badass teaser ever.


Lady of the lake
i got myself some cog tags at gamescom :3 i cant wait for part 3!^^