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General Anthropomorphic Art Appreciation Thread

Connor J. Coyote

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A Coyote University?.... (sign me up). :cool:


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Monica's Gang comic books don't just contain stories featuring human kids; it kind of has multiple universes within one.

For example, I really like Bidu's (translated to Blue in the English version) stories:

There's also Horácio (Horacio), a lil' dinosaur that appreciates simple things. I find that there's always some subtle poetry in his stories:


Turma da Mata (Lionel's Kingdom) has plenty of anthro characters, including a green elephant, a turtle, a lion (King Lionel), a rabbit, a fox, among others:

_Turma_da_Mata_HQ_Olha_o_carteiro (5).jpg

I grew up reading these. It contributed greatly to my literacy and Portuguese classes as a kid


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Some more mascots, this time of the mascot suit variety: Kerttu and Kusti here are the mascot characters of the amusement park Tykkimäki, located in Kouvola, Finland.
They're frogs of a nonspecific species :3


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Moomin are anthros, right? Yes, yes, I am sure they are.
So, keeping with the product theme, here is a soft drink :3



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I always have a soft spot for sporting mascots. The ones featured here are the mascots from my local football (Soccer for you ungrateful Yanks <3), 'Broxi Bear'. When I was younger, I was part of the fan club where you'd get sent a letter, a badge and enter into a draw to come onto the field with the mascot and players before the game started.