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General Time-Wasting Thread

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As suggested by Corto, this is the official thread for banter and socializing, in order to prevent it from spilling into other topics. Just remember that harrassment is still against the rules, and to use some common sense when posting.

Anyway, have fun. :V

ATTENTION! This thread is NOT an anything-goes thread! It is still subject to most of the forum rules, specifically:
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Do not expect moderators to be lenient simply because you failed to read the OP.
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this seems ever so farmiliar, history repeating itself seems so relevant right now but i cant place my finger on it.


Well, there's no real discussion going on here sooo.

Which internet browser do you guys use? I use firefox.


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...what if we could fly...

...think about it


I just wanted to give a quick mention that since these kinda threads always allow themselves to turn into a all out insult-orgy with NSFW links thrown in for good measure, I'll personally mod this one and the first one to break the forum rules will get a month-long ban, no infractions or warnings.


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I use IE because I'm cool like that.

Flying would be awesome.

Now, let's talk about Jesus.

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
Lawl, now that we've got this it's like...what to talk about?

I use Explorer, Firefox frustrates me for some reason. I actually prefer Opera or Safari, though, when I get my Mac fixed. Damn dog.


Why am I not disturbed by anything anymore? ;^;

Srs, I watch Pyramid Head hump things. Nothing. I watch gory zombie flicks with children getting torn apart. Nothing.

Oh, and I use Firefox :3


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
To address the criticism in this thread:

This forum is called Rants and Raves. An OP that says "Need I say more?" is the exact antithesis to a rant. It's not that complicated.

However, I do understand your socialization woes. So here, have a thread for that.



And no, I didn't lock this.


That was a rant, and a good one, at that.

The mods need to swallow their pride and permit this thread to continue, to avoid the creation of other threads.


"toxic and negative"

That was a rant, and a good one, at that.

The mods need to swallow their pride and permit this thread to continue, to avoid the creation of other threads.
[12:03] <@Xaerun> Nah, I'd lock 'cause... well
[12:03] <@Xaerun> It's a thread that's basically "AND WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH X?"

It wasn't a thread, it was a tweet at best. Hell, not even that.
"Need I say more" is no thread.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
It wasn't a thread, it was a tweet at best. Hell, not even that.
"Need I say more" is no thread.

I think it counts as one, especially when it has an actual point.


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This won't work the way you think it will.

Take it from someone who likes the offtopicy type banter.

It's like walking into a group of people and screaming "LET US HAVE A FRIENDLY, NONSERIOUS DISCUSSION. COMMENCE!"


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You still need a decent IMing program.

im too lazy, that and my comp is a piece of shit that is surprisingly still running as good as it is.
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