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General tips for drawing women?



I almost exclusively draw men and because of this, now when I draw women they just look like men.
For humanoid women I struggle with their face being too masculine and for both anthro and humanoid their body just doesn't look right.
I don't have any examples for critique, so general tips are very welcomed!
^Basically that. Literally do the opposite of what you've learned drawing men. Softer features (not that women are all 100% dainty beans). Widen the pelvic area. Narrow the waist. Narrow the shoulders.

As for the face, again, soften the features. Less square jaw. Thinner nose. etc.
Pick and choose. Mix and match. Even if the woman is toned and athletic, all of these still apply in most cases.

I learned by finding some women of varied types that I liked and just referenced them. You don't have to draw them, but take note of what's stumping you the most.


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On top of what everyone else has already mentioned, try to remember the basic bodytypes and draw their simplified shapes to help set your sketch!

For real though, I have a hard time drawing dudes. More specifically legs.


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draw more curves.
give bigger, rounder features.

study feminine contour, silhouette, pose.
pay attention to rotations of elbows / ankles.

memorize key bone structures - hips always wider than shoulders.

give some twist in hips, show case breast/ butt physics if necessary.