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Hello to all of you fluffy balls of fluff n' stuff! I am nothing more than your friendly kitty-like FA stalker, known best for going around FA and just kind of...watching everything >.> I have no real talent other than making people do the giggle thing, so I can't really contribute anything to the wonderful community that is FA. However, I have been known to pound at my keyboard for long enough periods of time to make something of a "story", but that is rare.

Other than that, I get along with everyone, I am starting college for massage therapy and plebotomy in January, I am currently taking Computer Programming courses, and finished up a Computer Technition course last year. I am a retail manager in Hell (AKA Spencer Gifts) and...that is about it! Talk to me peoples! I am all friendly and stuff, so don't be afraid to say "Hi" or "What's going on" Or poke me or nibble me or something!

Anyhoo, I decided to finally make use of my forum account and get a little more active, so here I am!

Also, be aware that I am really tired, so this post may make all of no sense. Also, I am currently saving up to commision someone for an avatar image, which is why I have my ugly mug on there right now. Just letting you know, so people won't think "Man, someone thinks he's sexy." I just want some kind of picture there for good measure ^^ Woo for not making sense!


Welcome aboard, fellow feline!  *Rawr*

Don't worry about lacking in contributions in the artistic sense -- I don't have any either, but FA is still a great place anyway!  The only contribution you need to give is being friendly. ^_^

So enjoy the FA, and remember, no matter what anyone says... everyone here is mostly harmful err... less.  Harmless.  Heh heh :)


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Why thank you my fellow Kit-er, I mean, furry-ocious feline! Hmmm, I think I can contribute quite a bit to this place if all I have to do is be friendly, because that is basicly what I do! I am part fluff, part friendly...thingie. ^.^


Another kitty-kat in the midst....you're popping up like rabbits. :p

Anyways, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay with us. Kick back, relax, and have a blast! It's all good in the hood around here, brother. Peace.


That bitch
Welcome.. and watch out for Blitzy over there.. he may seem sweet and innocent.. but only last long enough for him to tie your hand behind your back and then... well.


Welcome and all that stuff. Remember, viewers of art have an equal standing in the art world as makers of art. Art can exist without someone to view it, but it's a "tree falling in the woods" kind of effect. Art is communication and you can only talk to yourself for so long before feelin' a little creepy...



Faukx The lion greets you.

*slaps Blitz* Its good to have more feline in here!